A Judge’s Perspective On Western Pleasure At The World Championships

AQHA Judge Brent Tincher explains why the first-and second-place horses were the top senior western pleasure performers at the 2015 Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show. Western Pleasure has been under a lot of scrutiny lately, most recently at the AQHA Congress.

Is This How You Would Like To See Horses Moving In Western Pleasure?

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 What do you think of the pleasure horses in this video?  Is this how you want to see horses moving in western pleasure classes?

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7 Responses

    • Susan

      Anybody that calls this a “natural” gait is falling for the currant *style* of showing. The horses look crippled and awkward. I no longer watch Western Pleasure classes.

  1. Wendy

    Riding the front end of the horse. *rolls eyes* The power is in the back end…work that back end. Nothing like cheating using the front end to slow down a gait. Quit four beating the lope…..Trope! Looks like they are riding dead horses.

  2. victoria

    Unnatural – If I saw my horse moving like that in the pasture, I’d immediately call the vet.

  3. laura

    I will say that the jog is looking better than I have seen for a few years….actually IS a two beat gait like it is supposed to be. However, the lope is just as pathetic as it has been for a long time. They all look lame performing the lope like that…so unnatural! This judge keeps talking about the “nice profile” and “forward moving” and “self carriage”. WTF??? Every one of those horses had the tips of their ears lower than the withers; wasn’t that changed in the rules like ten years ago??? And why do the reins have to be so long that they are hanging as low as the horse’s knees? I could never do Western Pleasure because I would never resort to making my horse look like this!

  4. Janice

    The Gray looked crippled, I do have to say the sorrel moved about the best of all of them but still needed some natural movement, its still man made. The lope is as bad as use to be with the out of place gait, but the sorrel did not seem to be jogging in rear like has been happening. Poll should be closer to wither height… This judge keeps talking about the “nice profile” and “forward moving” and “self carriage” WHAT???? its the movement more than that… The English horses are worse cause they are supposed to cover ground…. They would never make it on a Hunter circuit!!! And Halter horses are sick looking and could not go and work at all….


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