BLM Advisory Board Votes To Kill All 44,000 Captive Wild Horses

The Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board has voted in favor of killing every wild horse that is currently in short term or long term holding. That is approximately 44,000 horses.

Photo From The Cloud Foundation Facebook

Photo From The Cloud Foundation Facebook

Please help stop this. The Advisory Board can be emailed at You can also email each individual member. June Sewing:; Fred Woehl:; Robert Cope:; Julie Weikle:; Sue McDonnell:; Steven Yardley:; Ben Masters:

It’s being reported that Division Chief, Dean Bolstad, had been alluding to killing the captive wild horses before the vote.  His email is

Ginger Kathrens of The Cloud Foundation was reportedly the only advisory board member to vote no on this matter.  You can thank her for standing up for these wild horses by emailing

Source,  Please email the advisory board and SHARE this on Facebook and help put a stop to this!


11 Responses

  1. Alice Raber

    Stop this insanity!!!! For heaven’s sake…these horses have as much right or more to graze in peace. The tactics taking place are barbaric at the least.

  2. Laura

    The idiots that live and breath around us. Your a disgrace to society, and your mommas should have turned you over there laps and knocked some sense into you all.

  3. stacey seifert

    These horses have been on this land for a long time. A lot longer than most people have been around. They deserve to run free or to be adopted out without the fees that are always put on them to adopt them. The slaughtering of these animals need to stop.

    • valerie cormier

      These horses have been on this land longer than all of you ridiculous cowards of ‘ BLM Advisory Board’ Votes to Kill what they captivated. Who gave you the right to captivate them?
      4 legged VERY GOOD, KIND & TRUSTING ..2 legged..VERY BAD, STUPID & VERY CRUEL !!!!
      ONLY SUB- HUMANS DO THIS ! BLM are exceptionally SUB-HUMAN voting this for no reason !!! Please Sign & Share to STOP the slaughter..

  4. Vivian Barnes McCrackin

    STOP THREATENING OUR WILD HORSES!! They have more right to this land than you do. Stop the killing and butchering !! We need to put them up for adoption to people who deeply love these animals , not destroy them.. These horses need to be free forever ..

  5. Tap Duncan

    My first reaction is fuck these clowns, then my second reaction was why? My third reaction is it because they have health issues? My fourth reaction is, that can’t be possible, 40,000 horses with health problems that can’t be taken care of– IMPOSSIBLE. We have have been raising arabs and 1/4’s, all kinds for over 60 years. This is so disgusting on so many levels. Please add your voice to the voiceless. PLEASE

  6. Anonymous

    Leave these horses alone! They have more right to be here than we do! Ever thought of putting them up for adoption? Inhumane!

  7. Tammy Watkins-Richardson

    Put them back where you found them and leave them alone! Agreed with above statements that they have more rights to this land than we do. Adoption is always an option as well. You people are outside your minds! Leave them be.

  8. Vicki

    These horses are part of America’s cultural history–we have the right to enjoy them, see them running free. IF it is too expensive to house and feed them properly, then the BLM has NO right rounding them up. Take them back to where you found them to let them run free again.
    Any breeder of cats or dogs, who decided they didn’t want to care for their animals anymore and just had them all killed would be in JAIL now for animal abuse. Time to make the laws apply to ALL, including BLM members and employees!


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