Thousands Of Horses Tortured In South America For Blood

Tens of thousands of pregnant mares are jammed into pens in South America. They have needles stuck into their jugular veins to suck out a fertility hormone which is later injected into other animals so they can have more babies at a faster rate. The process has been branded “industrial horse torture” by animal campaign groups and some are calling the farms “vampire farms”

The hormone is sold to Great Britain and other European countries to use in the farming of pigs for meat products as well as sheep and cows. It is used to speed up their natural fertility cycle. The hormone can also be used in fertility drugs for humans. The concentrated form of the mare’s serum gondotropin (PMSG) is more valuable than liquid gold. Campaigners and politicinas are now calling for transparency and legal requirement to show which meat sold on supermarket shelves was produced using the hormone. , these are the pitiful horses whose blood is extracted on horrific “vampire” farms to boost meat production.

The hormone is only in the blood of mares early in their pregnancy, between 40 and 130 days. The mares are kept continually pregnant to harvest their blood. When the mares are no longer able to get pregnant, they are slaughtered and sold as meat.

Extracting too much serum can lead to hypovolemic shock and death. European safety guidelines state that between 3.4 and 4.5 liters can be taken out in a single sitting. In an investigation by German-based AWF, former workers reportedly told AWF that sometimes 12 liters can be taken in a single extraction. PMSG production is profitable in South America where pastures are cheap. No specific legislation for the protection of horse blood mares exists.

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German-based AWF, which first exposed the horse bleeding practice in 2015, obtained footage at horse blood farming facilities in South America showing staff beating mares with boards and electric rods to force them into stalls. WARNING: Graphic Video. Please continue reading below for more information.

Source, At one point in the video, a mare is resting her head on the fence. The worker climbs the fence and kicks her in the face three times before the mare collapses. This is absolute torture and needs to be stopped. Please SHARE this on Facebook to help raise awareness and fight for these mares!

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