California Chrome Wins $10 Million Dubai World Cup Making Him America’s Leading Money Earner

Congratulations to California Chrome and his jockey Victor Espinoza for winning the $10 million 2016 Dubai World Cup with ease. Not only did they win, they also set the track record!California Chrome is the 2014 Kentucky Derby Champion and after this win has become America’s all-time leading money earner.

What an incredible horse. It doesn’t matter who you are, California Chrome’s talent is undeniable!

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3 Responses

  1. Aca Tuisamoa Vatani-moto

    Thanks Victor for winning despite the dangerous shifting of the saddle. Most Jockey would have taken the common sense and withdraw for it was a matter of life and death. So once again thank you for making us fans especially from Fiji proud. Congrats!!!!!

    • Aca Tuisamoa Vatani-moto

      I could not help but cry watching this and the last years race video clip for as Amadia said they were far ahead last year but he lost it maybe mistiming but that is all done and dusted for this one this weekend is nothing short of glory just imagine almost 3 lengths win, with the saddle slipping from the start of the race is very special. My heart and soul with Chrome and he makes life easier and better, funny how Chrome woos the heart and this win has already made my year. Ha ha ha ha, couldn’t ask for anything more than this win has made my year, nothing else would, crazy me, huh? well that is the stupid fan of his from the Coconut Island of Fiji, he he he .

  2. Aca Tuisamoa Vatani-moto

    Thank you Victor, for the win especially how you kept your cool. You and Chrome have taught us a learn to be the best you have to handle the situation well for obstacles are ever present when you want and need success so let me congratulate you Victor and Chrome what a partner, Love you both for making my year already, “Hakwa Chrome and Victor” meaning (in the Nadroga Province where I am married to and live whose mascot and totem animal is the Stallion and their rugby Team is the champion of Fiji rugby from years past until now) Kick ’em some more Dust so they will bite your dust in every other race you two have left for this year”. Once again “Hakwa Victor & Chrome for the rest of this year’s race”. Love from your lone fan from Fiji.


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