Demand Justice For Dr Drip – Champion Racehorse

St. Landry Parish, Louisiana – “We demand the St Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney and Parish President pursue felony aggravated animal cruelty charges against the person or persons responsible for the abuse and torture of champion racehorse, Dr Drip.  This case must be be investigated by detectives from St Landry Parish Sheriff’s Department as well as the St Landry Parish Animal Control.  We also strongly urge the courts to deliver maximum sentencing for felony charges.  Cruelty of this magnitude must be fully investigated, prosecuted and punished.   Story Continued below.


On Tuesday June 20, 2017 the St Landry Parish Sheriff’s Department and Animal Control responded to an animal cruelty complaint.  The sheriff’s department took swift action and seized the equine.  The equine, now known to be Dr Drip, a champion racehorse, was in horrific condition.  Not only had he been starved to death, he was also suffering from burns down his entire back.  As if that was not enough, Dr Drip’s flesh, open wounds and exposed bones were infested with maggots, to the point that witnesses heard the maggots feasting on his flesh and bone.  Dr Drip’s vertebrae was fully exposed in several sections in what appear to be “saddle sores” indicating he had been ridden in this condition.

On the Morning of June 21, 2017 Dr Drip went down and when urged to get up, his rotting flesh slid off his body.  The pain he suffered in the hands of his abusers is unimaginable.  Though he had the will to live, his body could not match his will to live. Dr Drip’s shell of a body surrendered that will and he had to be euthanized.

The persons responsible for this heinous and deliberate act of aggravated animal cruelty must face justice.

Thank You for your attention to this case, we look forward to a full investigation by post-certified law enforcement officials and an arrest under the Louisiana aggravated cruelty to animal statutes and full prosecution followed by maximum sentencing.”

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  1. Barbara Brown

    I don’t understand why on earth concerned people would have to create a petition for justice for this atrocity. Seriously, WTH???? Are the officials or courts or AC so indifferent to animal pain and terrible suffering they just put the mess to sleep, shrug and walk away? It makes me sick to think this effort needs 20,000 + more signatures to what, compel some ignorant mouth breather that this is beyond unacceptable? So they maybe write up a bill so the legislature can table it forever? I really don’t know what else to say.

  2. Billy Hudson

    There absolutely no circumstance to justify this kind of cruelty. Lashed tied to a post then solitary confinement for a couple of years. Penalties are supposed to be deturents as well as punishment.

  3. peggy boyanton

    what a horrible thing to do to such a beautiful animal how can people be so cruel why not sell or give to someone who would like and take care of him

  4. Sherry Roeder

    This is UNACCEPTABLE! Unbelievable that a petition has to be signed! The courts should not stand for such neglect! If the personOr persons involved could not take care of him all they SHOULD have done was pick up the phone and say ” I NEED HELP!”
    UNACCEPTABLE PERIOD!!!!! This needs to be stopped and someone in LAW needs to see this through!

  5. O'Neill

    The horse in the second photo, does not have a white blaze marking on his face. This is not the same horse as the first photo. However, the inexcusable and disgusting condition this beautiful, living soul has suffered is an outrage.
    This shit needs to stop!
    Justice must be served.

    • Char

      I caught the different white on face, however, in the news stories, it mentioned he was identified by his tattoo. Maybe the race photo is not him? Either way, the animal that was euthanized ….thank god his agony finally ended!! This is pre-meditated murder. No one can tell me that “ignorance” , “illness”, “situation” brought all of these ills to this animal. It’s like a horrible Criminal Minds episode, with a tortured animal instead of a tortured child. If the people when found are considered “average”…well…someone better figure out a better scale of quantifying “average” and start thinking about the fact…that our humanity is now killing us and animals…letting the damaged not be controlled.

  6. Edie

    I am hysterical..I wish I did not see this. I cannot continue my comment but justice has to be served.


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