Equestrianism: It’s quite a Unique Sport.

This beautiful MUST WATCH video captures the feeling only horse people will understand. I hope you enjoy watching and share this with your friends.

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  1. barb

    This is all about competition. What about most of us, whose Sun comes up and moon rises around our love and care of our
    Horses. I got nothing out of this other than win win win.

    • Lisa

      I have never been in equine sports, but have always been a horse person. As far back as I remember I was begging my mom to take us to the riding academy. I was one of the lucky ones. A girl who got her own horse at the age of 10 and my last one in my 49’s. I’m 63 now but still ride for hours if I have the chance.
      When I watched this video I got goosebumps. I always do when I see these magnificent animals during a performance, show, race or just running loose in a pasture. I watch as their veins stand out and their muscles bulge. I watch their ears, their legs, hindquarters and especially their eyes if close enough to see them. I marvel at the beauty of them, their strength, stamina and loyalty to us, their people.
      How can anyone who loves horses not see something magical in each horse as they watch them perform in this video?

  2. Hiz

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