Equine Sinus Surgery Reveals These – You’ll Never Guess What They Are

The Equine Dental Clinic Ltd recently had a patient with a trapped sinus infection. They explained on Facebook, “If the horse’s head was solid bone, it would be too heavy for the horse to carry around and run fast – so much of the head is made up of air spaces – the sinuses being much larger than ours. The problem is when infection gets trapped, it often can’t escape, and if it’s stuck there long enough it will turn solid, and even become bone like – here we are removing such a mass from the sinus with the horse standing and sedated under local anaesthesia – hopefully his head will feel a bit lighter again without this in there!”

Hopefully the horse feels a lot better now.  Share this on Facebook if you learned something new!

2 Responses

  1. Karen

    Would like to know the outcome of the horse and possible a bit more of the issue itself. I have a horse that has been having issues with his sinuses and, to date, has had 5 teeth pulled to try and cure the problem. An x-ray is next.

  2. Karen

    What were the symptoms? I have a horse on antihistamine because her eyes and nose drains. Could it be something like this infection? How do you determine if there is a problem like this?


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