Mare Protects Newborn Foal From A Band Of Wild Stallions

“On July 4, 2015 a foal was born named Patriot in the mountains of Montana. Before the newborn could walk, a band of bachelor wild mustang stallions attempted to claim the mare which just minutes before had given birth to Patriot. What follows is the mare’s attempt to protect its foal from the advances of bachelor wild mustang stallions.”  Al Perry Nature Photography recently posted the above message with the video below on Facebook.

It is incredible how that protective motherly instinct kicks in right away. The foal wasn’t even standing yet, and she was not letting anyone or anything near her precious baby. Eventually she was reunited with her family. A stallion and another mare with a foal. They helped her and the band of wild stallions finally gave up.

I love the picture of the healthy mama and baby running at the end. Next time you think your mare is just too strong willed or hard to deal with, just remember this video. Those instincts run deep and are a beautiful and amazing thing. If you liked this video, Share it with your friends on Facebook!