Fire Kills 12 Horses, 13 cats and A Dog

barn fire


A devastating fire at a northern Alabama barn has claimed the lives of 12 horses, 13 cats and a dog. reports that Atha Williams and her husband, Carroll Williams, also lost six vehicles and numerous antiques and collectibles in the blaze at their barn in southeast Huntsville.

The one consolation is that the horses probably died from smoke inhalation.

The couple said the horses had been put in the barn Friday night to protect them from the storms.

Lightning is the suspected cause of the fire, which started around 4 a.m. Saturday.

Carroll Williams said if there was one consolation, it’s that the horses probably died of smoke inhalation rather than burning.

The farm’s owners say if you would like to do something to help the farm, you can give a donation to any animal shelter or rescue of your choice under the farm’s name – Cheval Farms.

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