Forget Bulls…Spaniards Wrestle Horses For Fun – This Is Brutal And Disgusting!

Usually I like to post happy and entertaining pieces, but occasionally I find something like this that really disturbs me to my core. I feel like people should know about these things and they shouldn’t be hidden in little corners. Hopefully then, we will start to see a change. The men in this video attempt to fight horses at “Rapa Das Bestas” in Spain.  Warning…. watch at your own digression. Hundreds of people flocked to the Galician town of Sabucedo, Saturday, for the “Rapa das Bestas,” a controversial festival in which men wrestle wild horses and forcibly cut their manes and tails.  It is so alarming to me that anyone would think that this brutal torture is OK.  Help this go viral and Share it on Facebook…people should know about this and demand that it stops!