Here’s To The Horses Who Are Fat And Lazy

The other day my farrier was out and I asked him how a mutual friend’s horses were doing.  He said, “They’re fat and lazy as always.”  To some people fat and lazy is an insult, but if that’s what he wants to call her horses then I’ll take a fat and lazy horse any day of the week!  Now I must say, her horses aren’t actually fat. They may be a little “soft” and maybe not in peak athletic condition to run a fast barrel pattern, do sliding stops, or jump a 3-foot course! But guess what, neither am I! So, here’s to all the fat and lazy horses…

My lazy girl.

The horses who nicker for treats.

The horses who don’t try and buck us off.

The horses who have an extra layer of insulation in the winter.

The horses who stand quietly while all the other’s are spooking.

The horses who are easy to catch.

The horses who are happy to mow my lawn for me.

The horses who don’t need to be lunged to be ridden.

The horses who are comfortable to ride bareback.

The horses who are easy keepers.

The horses who build our confidence.

The horses who babysit our children.

The horses who are sound, sane, healthy and happy. The older I get, the softer I get and I am grateful to have a nice quiet horse who enjoys a nice a relaxing ride. Share this on Facebook if you are too!

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