Watch How Professional Equine Photography Is Edited

Professional equine photographers definitely know how to take amazing pictures of our horses.  The editing process is also so important when getting those magazine worthy shots!  Bethany Unwin Photography has created a video showing the photo editing process to give us all an insight of what photographers are doing.

On her Facebook post Bethany wrote,  “I’ve had a lot of feedback and questions regarding this video! I figured i’d answer some of those questions, and comments regarding the concern of the horse being “photoshopped” I used Elements and Lightroom for editing, while the background and area around the horses body has been heavily photoshopped, nothing on the horses actual body (other than some drool) was altered in any way shape or form! It’s important to me as an artist to be as honest as possible with my work, I never do heavy editing to my human, equine, or canine models in their images. At times owners will request things be changed, such as a scrape, or a minor flaw like a missing patch of hair, other than that I have never had anyone request that their horses natural qualities be changed. This horse was no exception, he was absolutely beautiful and just flawless in his natural state. So what you’re seeing here is the outline of the horses body being traced and filled in with black, the part in the video where his shoulder looks like its selected and moved is actually just me taking the same shoulder from the duplicate image and making it brighter so that the background wouldn’t overshadow it!

This is a process that you can accomplish both in camera and in post processing. I choose to take all of my images and finish them on the computer, many of the images I take are in areas where an off camera flash or artificial light is not an option or a realistic set up. I prefer to not do things the “easy” way when it comes to producing an image that I want to be sure my client will be happy with on their wall.”

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