High School Girl With Trailer Full Of Horses Was Stranded In The Dark – Then A Miracle Happened!

Can you imagine being stranded on the side of the road with a trailer full of horses, in the dark and miles from anything familiar?  Now imagine how you would feel this happened to your daughter and she was in high school.

This picture shows dodge trucks front end smashed the result of an accident. Luckily there was a kind stranger who was on his way home pulled over to help. He offered assistance by unhooking the young girls trailer and hooking it up to his own. He even drove the horses and their riders to their destination and offered to take them home after the event.

A family friend wrote “That fella is amazing and I hope I get the chance to tell him so this weekend. How many of us could say that after a long workweek away from home and having so many miles left to travel…that we would stop and give our time, trouble and efforts to helps strangers in need.   Bless him.”

In today’s world, it is stories like this that we love to hear especially when young people are involved. Thank you to the kind man that helped a stranger, you really are an angel in disguise.

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