Horrible Woman Tries To Ride Helpless Little Pony

Warning: Video May Contain Graphic Content

This woman is FAR TOO LARGE to be riding this poor pony. The only good thing about this video is when the pony gets her off in the end. All of the people laughing and having fun in the video need to realize that this is animal cruelty! Please Share this on Facebook, and let others know that this is not tolerable.

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4 Responses

  1. Suzanne Foster

    It’s called “crushing” and it is a fetish in some places. Sickening is what I call it.

  2. Bev

    Big evil fat ugly whore, they should weld a bull to her back and force her to walk around.

    • Anonymous

      that is disgusting,there is something wrong with people like that,the best thing was she got rolled off him,to bad he didn`t jump on her back for a ride,sick bit**

  3. Linda sue

    People like that fatso have no compassion or common sense I hope she gets stomped on by animals and humans what a useless piece of crap


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