How To Teach Your Horse To Spin

Have you ever wanted to teach your horse to spin in circles like a reining horse? Well, this is the video for you! Watch as Todd Martin demonstrates a few easy steps on how to teach your horse to spin. Many people think that when you ask a horse to spin you must take away its forward motion. However, this is not true. In fact, for the horse to spin, it must continue to move forward, however, it is so subtle that you can hardly tell.

He also discusses how your position in the saddle can help your horse correctly spin. If you are leaning too much to one side, it will negatively affect your horses spinning ability and even throw off his balance. You want to make sure you reward even the slightest try or correct step so that your horse can feel the reward and begin to learn how to spin correctly.

After some practice, you will have a horse that is not only balanced and can move off of his forequarters, but hopefully a horse that can spin also! If you liked this video, Share it with your friends on Facebook!

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