I couldn’t believe this is what happens to nurse mare foals…shocking

I always figured nurse mares were mares who lost a foal during foaling. This is not always true, especially on thoroughbred farms.

The Last Chance Corral is located in Athens, Ohio. Since 1986, Victoria Goss has devoted her life to saving unwanted and abused horses. From January to June, Goss and her crew spend the majority of their time trying to save nurse mare foals. These foals were born simply so their mothers would produce milk to feed a thoroughbred foal.

Most are left for dead or slaughtered for their meat and pelt, but Goss buys up to 200 every year and gives them their only chance at life. Many are born premature, those present the largest challenges for Goss and her team as foals don’t develop outside the womb. Some don’t survive, but against all odds, Goss pulls most through.

Visit their website: http://www.lastchancecorral.org/ for more info.

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