Learn How To ENGAGE YOUR HORSE’S BACK Through Gymnastic Stretches

Equitopia Center presents Art 2 Ride trainer Karen Loshbaugh and Equine Veterinarians Dr. Joanna Robson, Dr. Sarah le Jeune and Dr Sue Dyson as they demonstrate how proper engagement of the horse’s core can help avoid painful back issues such as “Kissing Spine.”

Equitopia traveled to U.C. Davis where Dr. le Jeune conducted a radiographic study and found that an engaged and rounded back increased the spaces between vertebrae, thereby reducing the risk of vertebrae rubbing together as when a horse is traveling with a “hollow back.”

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  1. deborah

    Absolutely brilliant video and Information. So spot on. I do believe the re education of riders is going to take some time, especially with top riders in the sport still leading the way with hyper flexion. But for those who like to think for themselves and truly want to do what is best for their horse will all learn from the info there in. Thank you

    • Doris Bouchard

      I just saw the video last evening and totally agree that this information needs to be broadcast to help riders and trainers understand how damaging incorrect riding is, and the importance of taking the time to allow the horse to mature so it can move correctly under saddle.
      My husband and I teach a basic equine massage course and also do equine bodywork; massage, craniosacral, the Masterson Method and Myofascial release.
      We are continually learning and try to relay our knowledge like this information to our students and clients.
      I am wondering if this video is available so we might show it to our students during the class. Everything including the anatomy explaining what happens to the spine; kissing spine and broken C2/C3 is just brilliant.

      Equissage NE/NY
      Doris & Ron Bouchard


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