Internet Outrage Over Clinton Anderson’s New Training Video – Are People Too Sensitive?

One of the more recent video that Clinton Anderson released has raised some controversy between many people in the horse industry.

Some feel his video is very inappropriate, using very colorful language while riding and training the horse. However, many say that it is just Clinton being Clinton, and that he always spices it up and makes it interesting.

Are you offended by Clinton Anderson's Video?

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I will keep my opinion to myself, but I would like to know what you think. Leave us a comment or vote in the pole above and don’t forget to Share this on Facebook!

132 Responses

  1. Susan E Boyle

    I attended a Road to the Horse event a couple of years back and Richard Winters attempted to interview Clinton Anderson at 10:00 in the morning, and Clinton Anderson was so foul mouthed that they literally cut his mike off. Richard Winters commented that he thought maybe Clinton has already spent a little to much time at the bourbon booth. I am not sensitive or a prude, but; there is no reason for him to speak this way knowing full well that there maybe children or “sensitive” people listening and watching him. It is after all, the public that has made him a household name in the horse world and not just another backyard trainer.

    • Julie

      I watched him blast the founder of rth business while shit faced. He has diarrhea of the face and a shitty ass set of morals.

    • Plumcrazy

      Get over yourself. It’s only words. People post and say “OMG” everyday… now that’s serious in some peoples world too. fuck,fuck,fuck=adjective,verb,noun…who cares. Violating your ears…who cares? I like Clinton Anderson and his method. He’s a great horseman, who probably doesn’t care about your sensitive ears. I know a lot of other great people that are comfortable in their own skin, and just love the journey they’re on. Tip a glass,carry on, and don’t judge your neighbors(anyone) love.

    • Htjohnsonjr

      The public didn’t make Clinton a household name. Clinton Anderson sold the public a service. He isn’t a role model. He didn’t start doing all this to show proper behavior in the public. He breaks horses people! I just love this day, and age. No matter what anyone says anymore, no matter how they say, it offends somebody. Get over it. I recieved a text message a while ago, and it hit the nail right on the head.
      It’s the 1300’s: I am dying of the Black Plague.
      It’s the 1800’s: I am 9 yrs. old, and I work in a factory.
      It’s the 1900’s: I am off to fight in a war, whether I want to, or not.
      It’s the 2000’s: I AM OFFENDED!

      • Sheeple

        I bet you’d let him fuck you in the ass. Go sign up for his clinician program, he loves stupid cocksuckers that will get on their knees for him, you’ll fit right in!!! Ever notice all of them quit???? Wonder why???

      • Lynda

        Just learn to use your brain. It does not take much effort to be considerate and kind.

    • Tom

      I don’t follow Clinton for a number of reasons. But this is not one of them. Before we move to take the splinter out his eye, we need to work on the log in ours.

    • Duh

      Clinton is a filthy woman hating sexist abusive drug using disrespectful immature asshole, I know him well.

      • Duh

        Clinton fucks lots of his married women clients, his clinicians, and a few of his male clinicians as well. He abuses horses, abuses women, and needs his face to be caved in by a real man.

      • dorthy kehl

        okay . really hard, but maybe true. I have horses , and I can say, I never need his method!!! I lived my whole live with animals, and never I must used this methods…..

    • Lol

      Oh if y’all could only have seen the woman in my clinic slap clintons arrogant face so hard his head spun 90 degrees and he almost fell over, thought he was gonna cry!! It was awesome, worth the cost of the clinic alone!!! One day hopefully he will piss off one of the women he abuses husband enough to finish the job!!!

    • Stacy

      people are upset about ‘rolkur’ – and how it damages the horse – what he is doing is the same thing, but even more exaggerated. Ignoring the bad language – this is just bad horsemanship, its ugly and the poor horse is being abused in my eyes

      • Erik1986

        Agree 100%. I don’t call running a horse to exhaustion in a round pen, e.g., proper “training.” I coiuldn’t care less about the language – I’m not THAT sensitive – though it says something about him that he so casually uses foul language. I might say a few *&*)(%$&) if my horse steps on my foot or the like, but it’s not a party of my casual conversation.

    • Jamair

      Horse trainer my arse! Money maker Yes! Someone haul him around the arena with his head down by his crown jewels, twisting and turning his neck in an action similar to roll kur. He will get his come uppance one day. What comes around goes around!!

  2. Desi

    You know I try very hard to never curse. I am only responsible for my own behavior, and do not try to control others behavior. If some of you out there do not care for how Clinton Anderson speaks…., then don’t watch his show. Don’t go to his clinics. It’s that easy. I feel that for me personally he has a lot of knowledge and I could stand to learn all that I can. All you can do is monitor your own behavior. If you have nothing better to do than go around and look for people to criticize, then maybe you need a hobby or something to take up your time.

    • Darlene

      I have heard every word he has said , didn’t bother me , he was getting his point across, What I didn’t like, when he try’s to put women in “That Group” Why always woman Or just women I have seen more so called Ass Holes male trainees , whine and say ugly things about women and never say a word about men . If your going to have a video about horses keep your mouth shut about women that is not what the video is suppose to be about , It’s suppose to be about the horses and how to train them . I stop watching another so called trainer because every time he opens his mouth that high pitch voice and talks about women and there colorful things they put on there horses , what does a pink bridle or blanket hurt ? I turn if off . I hate how the always makes fun of women , just because they are not educated in how to handle a horse , So I guess he is not helping the or educating any one . I love Clinton until this and its not him cussing you do that on a ranch , it is attack women . He is very easy on the eyes also and love his accent . But knock the stuff off about women , stick to training both sexes on how to train a horse. Old Ranch Gal

  3. Ally

    Rollkur has been banned in Europe I believe, proven to be one of the worst things you can do…

      • Shandra

        At least someone knows the difference. Clinton is far from rollkur! Seems like some jealous people couldn’t future out his methods so better bring on the green eyed beast!

  4. Melissa Graham

    If you have to revert to vulgar language, then it shows you have a lack of a good vocabulary. Clinton is a very intelligent man, and he should show that side of himself. However, what I find terribly offensive is his disrespect toward women. He calls them “idiots” that should be killed if trying to train a stud. Since most of his following is of the female gender, and he is supposed to have the method to teach them to train their horses, whom is he failing. Maybe we are idiots for buying into his ideology……..

    • Anonymous

      He points out certain women who nitpick at how he trains horses. Men don’t usually tend to have their hearts on their sleeves. Btw, I am a woman.

    • Hgalloway

      He is not remotely misogynistic and does not refer to all women as idiots. He was specifically referring to the “tree-huggers” who think they know everything and who try to impose their vast amounts of knowledge on everyone else. In my circle, we refer to that same set of individuals as “people who read too much” or “people who read, not ride.” People who make their living with horses understand that -even with the language- Clinton knows what he is talking about. Your horse doesn’t do what you ask because you feed him treats and because he loves you since you never cause him discomfort, as many of these individuals seem to think. Your horse does what you ask and loves you because he respects you. What Clinton does better than just about anyone else is teach laypeople how to earn their horses’ respect and not get hurt in the process. He also doesn’t use gimmicks. Real people can take his training methods and get real results. If you don’t like his lack of PC, don’t watch.

      • Kim Hice

        I don’t know why people are offended by the cussing.. you hear worse than that on television. What has most people’s panties in a wad is the fact that Clinton calls them out on their lack of knowledge and horsemanship. And what all of you dressage riders are calling “rolkur” is in fact an incredibly light horse giving to very light pressur, and being rewarded for giving by the immediate release of pressure, not being constantly driven into a set hand. Maybe you need to put on your big girl panties, grow a pair, and try to learn something.

      • Tom Austerman

        The world just ain’t perfect and some (imperfect) people think they know how to correct it. Quite frankly PC is going overboard. My experience is that there are a lot of people who are into horses that don’t know zip except for what they learned from those who know less than zip. I don’t particularly follow CA but it is not because of his demeanor or vocabulary. I ve been around other highly respected clinicians and they are or were just as frank. Some of it is made to make sure “the point” is never forgotten. Some of it is just personality. Finally, we have the freedom to disassociate from people we don’t like. Don’t like em, don’t follow em. But then as you move on just shut up.

      • Jerry C.

        amen to that!!! so tired of people hearing someone say something about something they may have observed over time that may be more predominate in one group of people and attaching that as being put to all people in that category. when everyone knows to the statement is true they have seen it too, but because they have seen it in some and say so, does not mean that it applies to all . people quit being so PC , get over it if you are so sensitive to these things don’t watch don’t take part in his events or his shows and for sure don’t use all the good things he taught you other wise you may just be a hypocrite move on and leave the rest of us alone

    • Janet Ortega

      Right on Melissa, I think you’re my FB friend. Read my comment below, I wrote that before I read your comment. High 5!

  5. Johanna Oosthuizen

    whaha!!!!!! Clinton you are still my hero…the foul language just on TV, and kids internet games and video games are so bad it is ridiculous. You can’t even watch a movie anymore without smut and foul language…it just does not exist any more. The violence, sex and naked bodies on the movie screens and TV is millions times worse then Clinton’s little honesty here and there so if you can’t handle it do not watch it. Are you people stupid or what? The man is a good trainer and I love his method and for all you outrageously jealous people trying to take this amazing man down….SHAME ON YOU ASSHOLES. Please Clinton do not change to accommodate people who has nothing to do but looking to make trouble. They should get a life and leave others along that are better than them…

    • Countrysunnie

      Totally agree. If you dont like it, move on. Very simple. I have followed him for 15 years and he never hides anything. This is probably the most direct I have ever heard him be on camera but those of you know, there are no gray areas with him. Cant say that for some other famous trainers. Clinton has an A-type personality, obviously, he works his arse off and has been non-stop training people to train horses for a long time. Someone told me if you can look past someones personality and know that they might actually teach you something, it might be worth a listen.

  6. Victoria

    I find his riding style ugly and pity that gorgeous horse getting whacked in the mouth and going around with it’s chin on it’s chest (rolkur) whilst being jabbed every single stride with his spurs.
    He talks like he has a big head and he does have a foul mouth and those *idiots* he refers to have been making him money for years.
    Don’t like it at all.

    • jen

      I agree 100% with what you said. If I even tried to do half that crap Clinton does to his horses, my horse would send me flying.

      • Bob

        You would. You render an opinion about something about which you know NOTHING! This makes you one of the idiots! I have one of the best-minded 6YO stallions around, but sometimes we have to discuss who is the boss…and it can’t be him. Clinton’s language is lacking, but the message is totally accurate. Avoid his training if you want, but stop rendering opinions on topics for which you do not have the skill set to understand…just realize, one day you will pay a price, with ANY horse.

      • Anonymous

        I am so bothered watching that horse clearly over flexed and under the bit, circling till he is dizzy, then crash halts hurting his hamstrings and tightening up the hindquarters, which is why he kicked out and flicked his tail when switching behind it hurt.

      • Trudi

        replying to anonymous – First of all I’m just a horse owner, I don’t compete or train. Second, have you watched any videos’s of reining competitions? Cause mate, I just watched a few and those horses were spinning so fast…. and your complaining about the circle’s he was doing, “making the horse dizzy” I doubt it.
        I don’t find Clinton offensive, and he may well screw all his clients but I can’t see that making him a bad horseman, just a shitty man. Clinton is straight up to the point, he doesn’t dance around what he wants to say or do he just does and I respect that. But, like I said I’m no trainer, I am however Australian and not so easily offended. 🙂

    • Kim Hice

      Well,, isn’t dressage the exact same thing that you’re whining about now? And he’s not practicing “rolkur”. The horse is not on constant tight contact all the time. When he gives, he’s given release, not constantly driven into a set hand.

      • Anonymous

        How is this not rollkur? He may not have lead heavy contact holding his horses head to his chest. He has made that horse so afraid of the bit he stays there.
        If the horse was so respecting and wonderful on the bit and accepting of his training, why is he not on the vertical?

    • Kitty

      I agree with you. I noticed he’s kicking him with those spurs and how uncomfortable the poor horse looks the way he’s carrying his head.

    • Anne

      Completely agree Victoria. His riding and views of how horses think is archaic and not based on what science is showing us about how horses actually think. They literally do not physically have the parts of the brain needed to behave the way he says.
      I find this man amazingly arrogant & ignorant. Just because you can bully an animal (or human) to do something, doesn’t mean it’s right or ethical.
      There are so many egotistical men & women like this, and sadly many people that also think this bullying is something to be aspired to. Poor, poor horses.

      • Anonymous

        Complelty agree. Science has done a great job at showing how animals learn and what they really think. Yet still some people like Clinton still believe the horse is always out to get you.

      • Jake

        Andrea is a phenomenal trainer and he rides his horses just the same.

  7. Hilary Motterham

    Erm, I don’t see why folk are upset? I’ve started a few horses and their all different, some are lovely and soft and others will push the boundaries, one good reprimand is so much better than nagging!!! Anyone can ride my horses but its taken consistent work and awareness of their wellbeing, Clinton is just saying how it is in his own way!!! If a person is a good horseman I don’t mind what he says, he obviously loves and knows his horses.

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t give a shit about his language ! But what the heck was that poor horse doing with his head so low & continuously behind the bit the whole time!!!!! This is wrong for the horse & his posture!
    The western world has lost me because of how it is changing! Very bad way for the horse to be travelling!

  9. Anonymous

    He really is a poor rider now isn’t he. He is un- aligned in the saddle-has absolutely no seat or back engagement stopping the poor horse by slamming the glutes into the back seat of the saddle therefore pushing the horse down into the forehand and onto the bit-then blames the horse and punishes it. This man is probably the kind who blames the horses and riders for his training mistakes too. His too heavy-high hands are cleverly disguised as quiet since they are “still”. ….don’t let that fool you-those hands are cemented in position or floating so loose they drift everywhere. LOL-this man causes the issues in the issues in the horse then uses force to have the horse work around the riders’ issue. That is not a trainer-that is someone who can market bullsit well is all

    • Heather

      Clinton strictly says “It’s NEVER the horses fault” he fixes people not horses. That horse was testing him. So he had to correct it before the situation got out of hand.

      I have a mare who was abused.
      She used to buck, rear, hop, lunge, she was beyond dangerous.

      After clintons I have a very respectful and trustworthy companion that I can put a 3 year old on.

      Just because the horse looks like he’s “miserable” does not mean he is.
      You wouldn’t believe how great of care these horses are provided.

      So before you go saying he “markets bullshit well” try it yourself.
      It works.
      You cannot form an opinion of something you have not tried.

      You are amongst the group of people Clinton calls “idiots”.
      Stand proud you idiot.

  10. Stephanie

    While I don’t really find his language offensive. The way the horse is being ridden is hideous. Where his head is most of the time would drive me bonkers and they purposely train them to have it there. I wish ridding was rewarded for being more natural. They claim to be natural horsemen, but there is nothing natural about having her chin to your chest. Beautiful horse. I think it’s to good for him.

    • Countrysunnie

      Actually….most of his horses are flat necked….meaning the neck comes straight out from the withers…so naturally they have the lower headset….mindy and diaz look the same….personally I have asked him 3 different times about his horses being behind the bit. As far as I can remember he told me he really doesnt care where they pack their head as long as when he picks up the reins they are soft in the bridle….he wasnt jabbing his horses sides, he was bumping them with his legs….he talks alot about not using spurs for forward motion etc…

  11. Karla White

    Is it me or has Clinton gotten fatter? Any way. I think he along w/ the other “big names” have forgotten that it is a privilege to ride any horse. For someone to think it is their right to do as they please w/ this gorgeous paint and to have supposed horse lovers buy into the abuse is a crime. Reining has gotten so out of hand, with techniques that are becoming harsher. You have halter horses that are so sickle hocked that they are crippled at a young age and don’t get me started on the peanut rolling, nerved tail, dead eyed pleasure horses. Money talks and there are plenty of people who are willing to hand it over. Who pays the most are the silent beauties.

  12. Anonymous

    I don’t care about the swearing, but I’m a trail rider and took offense to how he referred to us as tree-hugging fat asses when he, himself, has gained several pounds!

  13. Anonymous

    I love Mr. Clinton and his techniques. He does a great job! If you can’t take cursing, then plug your ears. Give me a break… He wasn’t cursing throughout the whole video either. No big deal.

  14. Chuck

    …. He is telling the truth ….I could have done with out the cussing …. but, he tells it like it is….

  15. Lynn

    Clinton Anderson is exactly right, he is a complete asshole…. He forgets who puts all that money in his pocket. It will catch up with him eventually….

  16. Kathy

    While I could do without the cussing, I do for the most part appreciate Clinton’s methods.
    As far as stallions go, I have owned several and he is correct, while one should never “pick” at them, it is important that they clearly know what is and is not acceptable and yes if one must correct them, knock the holy bejeebers out of them, then drop it unless behavior continues. If a stallion is too unruly maybe he should be a gelding.
    That being said, It would be nice for Clinton to maybe count to 10 before speaking

  17. C Jay

    This is where I (a woman) drew the line..

    “Now the women who are watching this, you know, I make fun of these tree-hugging idiots that ride in a bitless bridle, and you know, they trail ride, and and, they’re close to nature. They hear what I just said and they say “that’s barbaric”, they’ve never trained a stud horse in their friggin’ life. And I wish they would, cause they’d get killed and that would get rid of most of these people who bug the shit out of me. Okay? So they’ve never trained a stud horse in their life. They’ve never trained one. Their, their whole idea of accomplishment is the horse stands still at the mounting block. Like “oh my god, he stood still so I get three mounting blocks, one on top of the other and climb up with my fat ass up there and get on. They don’t know how to train a horse. They’re unrealistic. They’re idiots. Okay?”

    It’s not the language that offends me it’s the attitude, especially toward horsewomen. For goodness sake! That attitude is only a reflection of what he really thinks of all his generous fans and audience who line his pockets and he really doesn’t care. Clinton generalizes and assumes I’ve never trained a stallion! Sorry Clinton, this assumption and attitude are so far off and will cost you my loyalty to you and The Method!

    I’ve trained stallions since I was 16 and I’m still alive at 59. I’m not on TV, nobody pays for my advise on training and I’m not in the show ring but my stallions are happy and can get out on the trail with the best of them without killing somebody. As a matter of fact they are pleasant and know their manners. Maybe Clinton’s stallions attitudes are a reflection of their trainer and his methods. I’d kick out too if I were nagged to death with the spur at each stride and bitted up like this video reveals.

    The difference between Clinton and I, along these lines, is I can be a “tree hugger” and a horse hugger, have my stallion “come to me” at a mounting block and ride in a bitless bridle, and trail ride, and be close to nature without calling him an idiot and wishing he got killed riding those stallions.

    • Shelley

      People should not be so sensitive. Is he being a little bit of an a-hole here? Yes, but I think people have to understand what he has to deal with on a daily basis. I am pretty sure he does not have the patience of a saint (his personality would not warrant that!). But, could you imagine dealing with STUPID every day (or even every week) for that matter)? I know tons of “horsewomen” who truly believe they know it all. Could you imagine having one of those come to your seminar and expect to teach her something? The man, from what I have heard, has a very high expectation and expects the best from others or at least he expects them to use some cognitive part of their brain when dealing with horses. Nothing wrong with that. We have all seen those silly women at the barn who treat their horses like big dogs rather than the potentially dangerous animal that they can be. We have ALL thought they were idiots at one time or another! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being kind to your horse and in this video he rewards this horse several times. He is never overly harsh or mean to it. The man has a job to do and he does it very well. Personally, I find his ramblings very funny and I have been known to kiss my horse on the nose or give her a beer once in awhile…..

    • Rachael VanLaar

      I think you people are taking what he said waaaaay to literally! I am a woman and I trail ride and I am not offended one little bit. I realize he is using a generalization to make a point, nothing more.

    • Anonymous

      Well said! And his use of the word, “stud” or “stud horse” is incorrect. As an unproven 3 year old, Titan is a stallion.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, a horse is a colt or filly until 4 years old, so at 3 years old, he’s a colt.

  18. Anonymous

    I saw the episode and laughed when he said tree hugger cause I guess I am one. I ride bitless and I don’t care what others think. As for the Spurs, I don’t agree that you need them. I don’t agree with all his training methods but I do like some.

    • Shelley

      Some horses need spurs…my mare is lazy and if you ride her without spurs you get one hell of a workout. On the other hand, my gelding is extremely sensitive and you can ride him all day without spurs. Like anything else, if you don’t know how to use spurs (which a lot of people don’t), perhaps you should not use them….or take the time to learn how to use them properly and don’t be afraid to use them, they are a tool like everything else!

  19. swf

    The dude is just tired of working with stupid incompetent horse people. He sees the same human problems same human mistakes everywhere. “You can lead a human to knowledge but you can’t make him think”

  20. swf

    Just watched the video, looks fine.
    Clinton has put on some. I’m not impressed by bloodlines, and sorry but that paint stud is ugly. Opinions are like assholes we all got one.

    • Kitty

      I don’t find the horse very attractive either. His markings are kind of strange looking to me. I’m not too crazy about Clinton either!

    • Shelley

      Shouldn’t you judge horses by ability rather than color or looks? I always get a kick out of people who like or dislike a horse because of its color. By the way, in the reining world, this horse is awesomely bred (but I am biased I guess because I have a Princess in Diamonds mare and she has the best mind and is soooooo willing and sweet. THAT is why bloodlines are so important!).

  21. Cowgirl

    All this whinning and bitching about his choice of words, I find amusing!! Simple solutions: Move the hell on or waste someone else’s time!! He’s not going anywhere because his methods work and he gets the job done. So go back to your tree hugging and live in your little box of fairy dust!!

  22. Adele S

    This is coming from someone that he would apparently like to see stomped… I have an equine therapy program and the herd helps people heal. Did anybody hear him at about 10 1/2 minutes call the tree huggers and bitless bridle users and trail riders idiots and basically imply it would be great if stallions killed them? And this isn’t offensive?

    Who has more respect and honoring for their horses, competitors that want robots or people that love on their horses and have real, respectful relationships? My guys give their hearts and souls for people. And they are loved for who they are.

  23. Mike

    I was blessed to have spent my freshman year of high school under the tutelage of a stern, but very caring, older English lady who was unanimously touted as the toughest English teacher alive. Very intimidating for a young hellion who was raised rounding up wild horses in the harsh Arizona deserts and wild cattle up in the Bloody Basin country, and I can’t forget wild burros from the bottom of the Grand Canyon; all needing to be “gentled, broke to ride, pet or pack” by the swelling “Dude” population in the 1950’s Valley Of The Sun.
    It would be an understatement not to call the men “COWBOYS” ( think real here) who regrettably were more apt to cuss, spit and chew and that chose/lived this often harrowing lifestyle. They had no idea they were not politically correct or that their common vernacular might offend. Well, the reason for all the previous rhetoric is a quote that prim little English teacher shared with me (strike that) the young hellion was and I quote ” Profanity is the efforts of a feeble mind trying to express it’s self forcefully”… A quote worth remembering!! But, since there has only been one “Perfect Being” (believe it or not), I sadly fall short as does Mr. Anderson. Yes I said Mr. a term I was taught implies respect.
    MR. Clinton Anderson is not perfect (who am I to judge). He is, in my estimation, on a par with all the best horsemen I have ever known. In my experience he is “telling it like it is” when he states that in some cases for children, as well as horses, an occasional visit to the proverbial Wood Shed may be in order. His techniques are sound and I believe we can all learn from them…
    Please forgive my prolixity

  24. Susan K.

    I have been following Clinton Anderson’s method for years and attended a training session in Sterling way back when. During those three days, he was not foul-mouthed and so insulting. He did ride the riders pretty hard; and worked the horses hard. His style is abrupt, but his effort was undeniable.

    In regards to this video, I see him as a pragmatic and somewhat bitter man, but also I see a highly skilled, professional horse trainer. It is my opinion that CA is ultra sensitive and does not like negative media attention nor does he enjoy others prying into his personal life. But everyone knows you can’t train or “spank” the media like a horse. If he wants the millions, that’s the price he has to pay – the prying and the criticizing.

    I’m in no way a CA hater. I still admire his talent but this video is insulting. Sad part is I believe he knows better and has simply reached the point he doesn’t care anymore what others think. But he should try. I don’t buy the “Clinton being Clinton” thing that others have mentioned. That is an excuse for anyone in a position who can’t allow his/her conscious room for maneuver for the greater good. He has great horse sense, but it’s too bad he does not display wisdom here.

  25. Nahh

    I dont mind his language…but i was more shocked by the way he purposefully yanked the reins as punishment to the horse, and the way his chin is between his okay… just my 5 cents worth

  26. Janet Ortega

    I used to love Clinton but he has become full of himself and has forgotten where he came from. I didn’t appreciate how he bashed women because let’s face it, 95% of his clientele are women. He will lose a lot of business be a use there are plenty of other trainers that treat women with the respect they deserve. Has he become the Donald Trump of the horse world?

  27. LaDonna Vodron

    “The women on here are tree hugging” OH REALLY!!!!! I didn’t see anything wrong with this video until he singled out women as tree huggers, trail riders with no bits!! WTH Clinton Anderson Fundamentals Clinic! What…there’s no tree hugging men out there! Clinton Anderson seems to think women are too sensitive to handle horses or teenage boys!

  28. Shannon

    The foul language is what can happen in the horse world so it is easy to ignore, Clinton’s horrific training methods are not. I can acknowledge that what he says about the personality of a stallion is true, I can also give him credit for the horse needing to respect you. It is his methods that are are repulsive, there are many trainers out there that have had just as much success without being so aggressive. He has no right to call us idiots for thinking differently from him, while reaching the same goals and skill sets with our stallions. I have watched him a few times because you can learn something from anyone, but I just don’t understand why he chooses to be so aggressive. Aggressive is different than assertive.

  29. Junebug

    I can’t stand the low unnatural head carriage that they use for western pleasure or anything else. Beside the fact it looks ridiculous, it quite simply is not good or comfortable for the horse. Regardless he is a bit of a dick with his attitude towards horses and women in general.

  30. Anon

    I couldn’t give a flying **** about his language except I think he is using it so much to cover the inadequacies in his training methods. I have watched CA for years and believe him to be an unpleasant and abusive trainer.. if not downright cruel.

  31. Anonymous

    People….. much like horses….. need to be desensitized, corrected when out of line and rewarded for good behavior. I saw a lot of responses on here from people criticizing his language, techniques and some even criticizing the horse. If you have never trained a stallion, much less one of elite caliber, you should keep your “opinions” to yourself. Clinton Anderson has achieved success that most people can only dream of in the horse world, and THAT is why people like to learn his techniques. If you are happy just trail riding, then I am not sure why you are even watching a video about a western performance horse. Again, if you are an English rider, why you are even watching a video about a western performance horse. Stay in your lane folks, and don’t speak on things you don’t understand.

  32. Barbara Brown

    This is a total abomination. Has NOTHING to do with what gender the horse or rider/trainer. Horses’ eyes are on the sides of their heads – they cannot see straight ahead when their faces are vertical or bent with chin to chest. I cannot see how this is “proper trail” training. If one were to canter down a trail or along a road with his chin on chest and bent around like a hair pin, he can see nothing in front, and runs a very real risk of running into something like a tree or ditch or worse. It’s all fine and dandy for some self important narcissist feeding off the adoration of lusty women to declare this atrocity “world class training” while he ruins a horse in some well groomed indoor arena, or tiny round pen, but in the real world this is dangerous riding on all levels. And what if, while the head is craned around to the rider’s boot, he gets a rein looped in the stirrups? This is irresponsible instruction. But hey, it’s all good because this ass makes the big bucks, right?

    • Nemesis

      I’ve seen a few of his videos, he is insulting to peoplebased on assumption & generalisation. The only point in a ‘professional’ putting other people down is to make themselves look/feel better. I wonder what he’s scared of?
      I only watched a short part of this video so I didn’t hear any profanity – however I couldn’t care less about that, the man is riding like a cunt.

    • J

      “…self important narcissist feeding off the adoration of lusty women…” fabulous comment!

  33. Liam Rooney

    I don’t have a problem with Clinton Anderson’s horsemanship or training methods, but he obviously has some issues regarding women and environmentalists (?) and seems to have a bit of a short temper, at least where people are concerned. It’s a shame because he’s obviously a talented and compassionate horseman. It tough for a talented person with a successful career to pull back enough to get some perspective on the not-so-great aspects of his or her personality. You see it all the time in show business, and yes, in the horse industry as well.

  34. Anonymous

    I justhate to see a horses’ head (chin) pulled clear down to his chest, while he is being asked to to counter movements. Also this horses conformation ( a little bit short necked and heavy) has got to interfere with his capacity to breathe. These are the things I don;t like to see. Now when he lets him go, and not pulling his nose down to his chest, the horse has a pleasant way of packing his head. I do like Clinton Anderson however, the language does not bother me. He is trying to be honest.

  35. Anonymous

    This man has never felt a horse working for his rider with joy and expression of his own beauty.
    I pity him and every horse that has to endure his narrow mind.

  36. J

    I read the comments first and then I watched it with the sound off. It’s very, very ugly. That poor horse needs rescuing from this abuse.
    I don’t care about the words people say, I care about the way they treat their horses and this man hasn’t a clue

  37. DCasa

    I’m not offended by the language, but rather by the robotic, somewhat forceful training that lacks any sense of feel as to what the horse experiences or needs. It’s ego-based training, and I do find that offensive.

  38. von Laer dorothee

    Die Hinterhand ist komplett steif und tritt nicht unter den Schwerpunkt.

  39. HoldYourHorses

    It’s about time people started to notice his true colors. Just wait until how he treats women is captured on video.

  40. Alaya

    This man is disgusting, arrogant and ignorant about horses. Look at the horse’s expression and movement. The bit is jerked on and Clinton has hands of lead. lets put a mishandled bit in your mouth Clinton, some spurs on your ribcage and lets see how long you last? You are a wannbe man with no skill or true horsemanship. SHAME on you. You are an embarrassment to all trainers. I have owned and trained horses all my life and never have I seen such ego in a man.

  41. Luara

    Well, I think he is just being himself, and he’s an asshole in the talk and extremely rough with the horses…

  42. Carrie

    The horse is completely over flexed and his hocks are still. We’ll see how long this horse lasts. The fact that CA doesn’t see that doesn’t speak well.

  43. dorthy kehl

    is he so terrible ? it seems so to me. In the Videos, I saw, is Methode are very terrible….

  44. Anonymous

    Many real training barns say this. He’s just brutally honest about it.

  45. Marcia

    I have thought a lot about this after reading all these comments, and after a lot of consideration, I tend to agree with Shelley’s (November 4, 2016) comments about CA having to consistently deal with these people day after day…because, even though I am a woman, I TOTALLY understand to whom it is he is referring. I do have my CHA riding instructor badges, etc. I have had so, so many ‘tree-huggers’ in my life, including one of my best friends, come to me and ask me to fix their horse-problems, only for me to end up saying, it’s NOT the horse, it’s YOU and your attitude towards this horse. I look a their children and see the same blatant disrespectful behavior towards their mother and others as the horse reflects towards her. I work with the horse about an hour and voila, the good manners reappear, only to disappear again when the owner takes the lead rope. I just stopped trail riding with others that did not have respect or skills for what they were doing…they endangered me and my horse as well as themselves, making it tremendously unenjoyable. I finally had to be blunt about why with my friend, and after a while of seeing many more wrecks from these same type of people/riders, she understood. Clinton may be rather verbal, but no more so than those in the law office in which I worked for many years, and certainly no more so than on regular tv shows. He may have an uncomfortable way of communicating what he feels, but so what? Get over it. I have used the lighter version of his “method” long before he came to the USA. Because I am so old now – when I started, there were NO clinicians nor anyone else around to help a small woman train a yearling and on up, so I did what my mother did with us…teach respect as gently as possible but as firmly as necessary…my grandmother’s saying after raising 11 children…if you can’t listen, you can feel. THAT, truly enough, applies to a great many aspects of life, the tree-huggers’ approach to horse handling, and the Method. Clinton has it correct, no matter how he delivers it. If you care to watch his Rescue Horse video series, you will see a master at work. I had not read any of your comments in this forum before I watched it, and I saw him treat that horse with kindness, but not pity, and he was very fair…and he found himself petting on that horse quite a bit. There are many facets to the man, and I give him credit where credit is due. His Trail Riding series is VERY good, and his colorful language has me laughing out loud. Truth is, he echos my very thoughts about most of it all, and I am not ashamed to admit it…i am older now and i figure i, too, am tired of trying not to be offensive to offensive people.

  46. MarianoJuicy

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  48. Lilv

    I think we need to remember that he is training horses who have problems or hurt a person. These horses need to be shown that what they were doing is wrong or bad. He isn’t just taking a horse abusing it. I agree that Clinton’s language really isn’t that bad compared to the stuff you see online or elsewhere. However some of it he could cut out.

  49. Megan Cleary

    It’s so sad hereing all the negitive’s about Clinton. But have any of you who don’t like him, ever thought because he is a great trainner, that you maybe just a bit jelous because your not achieving that same standered, like or hate he is able to teach and train in a way you can understand. If you look at other trainners they use the same meathod. As for accussing him of the rolkur method then you need to get you facts straight, this method is achieved by tying a horse’s head back to the neck by string or rope, and then the riders use double bridles, when riding. I use Clintons method and there is none of this, it so easy to learn. Alot of you need to really go back and watch how he trains, as long as you have an open mind you will learn a lot. Remmber most of his clients are woman and he as alot Top instructrors that are women.


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