Naughty Warmblood Dressage Horse Meets Cowboy – The Transformation Is Beautiful!

This horse’s owner described him as a very naughty boy. She said that he rears, leaps and bucks every day. She attended a Warwick Schiller clinic in Australia and the results are beautiful.

He looked like a completely different horse and he looked happy! Sometimes going back to the basics and changing things up are the best things we can do as riders. Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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    • Maddie

      That’s exactly what I thought, he seemed unhappy with pressure on his mouth.

    • Ol'bags on nags

      Thank Goodness someone else has said this instead of me! I’m starting to think I’m getting a bit single-minded about this but Warwick didn’t mention the fact that this rider was reefing on that poor horse’s mouth dreadfully and is much more comfortable as soon as there’s there’s nothing in there for him to worry about. This just demonstrates to me yet again that there is not one good reason for the use of a bit in any type of horse riding pursuit! Apart from the ignorance of older generation riding teachers and official bodies who are stubbornly set in their out-dated ignorant ways.


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