NEWS: Rita Crundwell Arrested By FBI – Facing 20 Years Prison

rita crundwell

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Rita Crundwell was arrested yesterday and taken into FBI custody.  She was arrested on a federal charge for allegedly defrauding the City of Dixon of more than $3.2 million in public funds since just last fall and more than $30 million since 2006.  She was the City of Dixon, Illinois Comptroller.

What does a comptroller do?

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comptroller is essentially a state’s chief accountant or financial officer. This appointed or elected official has all of the following responsibilities:

  • Oversees the state budget (which can amount to billions of dollars) and audits state finances
  • Ensures that the state’s tax dollars are being well-spent and not wasted through fraud and abuse
  • Pays state employees and oversees their pension funds
  • Prepares financial reports for the state
  • Examines government contracts
  • Collects taxes and funds to pay for state programs
  • Educates the state’s citizens about tax issues

For full details on the story please visit:–Charged_with_Misappropriating_30_Million_147789155.htm


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