Ranch Riding May Be The Most Fun Class At The World Championships

With horses that are this happy to do their jobs, who wouldn’t want to try ranch riding! THECROWDLOVESME and his rider Shawn Hays look like they’re having a great time during their finals run at the AQHA World Championships. It makes me want to try the class myself.

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  1. DianaJ

    It IS fun! I left western pleasure after many years and have not looked back.

    I am having a blast with my horse for the first time in memory.

    I outfitted myself with numerous shirts for the entire year for half the cost of one wp jacket, and my top of the line Bob’s saddle cost 1/4 of a new pleasure saddle.

    My horse and I both have a great time showing in the Ranch, and I am so grateful to have this class to participate in.

    Thumbs up to AQHA for giving the people a class that has brought pride back to showing our horses!

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I have set up a Ranch Horse trail at our place and people who come for Sessions have a great time. we are always thinking of new and fun obstacles to add to the course. in 2016 we plan to organise some days where we’ll have a judged event and prizes too. funfunfun


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