Watch What Happens When This Little Girl Pushes Around A Clydesdale!

I don’t think this little girl was expecting to be thrown on the ground. Horses are such powerful and majestic animals, but if you’re not careful that power can hurt you! Why do you think the Clydesdale did this? Do you think it was her fault or that the horse was simply being a jerk? Please remember to share this post on Facebook and show your support for The Horseaholic!

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5 Responses

  1. LisaM

    the horse could’ve been kinder but he didn’t hurt her. He left. We don’t really know what she did or didn’t do or for how long she was in his space. He obviously wasn’t happy about her being there, but he was sneaky about showing her how he felt. Sorry, but it made me laugh. She will earn a good dose of respect for horses.

  2. Norm MacLeod

    The first viewable hit from the girl, her agressive facial expression and body language are clear as day. The horse quite obviously had simply had enough. Unfortunate for the young girl to be sure – but respect, gentle kindness and clear intentions go a long way.

  3. Jacqui

    Well done to the horse – so its okay for little girls to push and be mean to horses? Where were her parents – little brat deserved what she got

  4. C. Girl

    know the horse before you engage it. He’s a nasty boy and the girl hasn’t a clue on how to be around a horse or any other animal for that fact. I hope she learned her lesson!!


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