Rider Hospitalized And Horse Killed After Being Struck By Lightning

A 31-year-old man was out for a trail ride with two friends when lightening struck. Sadly his is horse was killed instantly and the man was thrown off. Firefighters say that the man went into cardiac arrest and a second rider was also thrown from his horse. After he recovered from the fall, he started CPR on the victim.

Emergency crews rushed the victim to the hospital and were able to get a pulse back. The third rider appeared uninjured. The victim is listed in serious condition.

Source, ABC15.com and 12news.com. Our hearts go out to the horse and riders affected by this.  We hope for a full recovery.

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      • jherh

        This is a one in a billion occurrence chance of this happening..If you’re in an empty field and sitting up high on a tall horse, you are going to attract a strike. Has nothing to do with horse shoes. Metal is everywhere in buildings, cars, and you don’t see those getting struck all the time. I would say it’s because they are in remote flat areas, outside of trees and they are the only thing sticking up from the ground, but again one in a billion chance of this. Of course in the media this type of story will be sensationalized. Just use common sense people, thunderstorm near? – stay home!! Don’t go out riding.

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