Save NYC Horse Carriages?? Narrated By Liam Neeson

A look at the NYC Horse Carriages by the people in that business.  Justifying what they are doing and explaining to the cameras about their love for horses.  As a horse person, most of the stuff I see is for Banning Horse Carriages and they show horrible accidents.  My heart goes out to all horses being abused, whether they are cart horses or back yard horses. Is this all Politics, painting the carriage owners out to be monsters? Do you side with the people who are for Horse Carriages or against it?  Do you think NYC Horse Carriages should be banned?

Disclaimer: We are sharing this story to show other horse people what BOTH sides of the issue are thinking. We do not in any way support, tolerate or condone over working, exploitation or abuse of any animals. Our hearts go out to these horses.

3 Responses

  1. Rene Moon

    Perhaps they could regulate it much better.I’m sure its a wonderful tourist attraction and some people just have no idea about what city streets and too many hours in harness does to these poor animals. I do think they should ban them if they can’t take better care of the horses.Does New York really need more tourists?

    • Pat Lake

      They should ban is not best for the horses, nor are they treated well.I hate to see it…

  2. Janis

    Interesting to see 2 comments that the horses are not well cared for???? As a horse owner for 55 years, it is easy to see that those horses are extremely well cared for! Besides that fact that they are regulated by several agencies that watch out for the welfare of animals, and are regularly checked by veterinarians! Horses are like people, and do best when they have a job that makes them feel important and useful. If I went to NYC, I would love nothing more than ride a carriage through Central Park behind one of those happy, healthy horses, whose owners obviously love and care for them like family. To say they are not well cared for, shows me a lack of knowledge by the mayor of the city, and the protestors. Go get yourself a horse and learn what it takes to take good care of a horse…


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