Stop Shaming People For Selling Horses

Why is there so much internet shaming when people sell horses?? There is nothing wrong with selling a horse! Yes, I understand there are people out there who buy horses and resell them for profit and some of you think that’s “bad”, but get over it! People are putting time and training into these horses to make them a quality horse that you can ride down the trail or ride into the show ring someday and they DESERVE to be compensated for it. I’m sure they’d make a lot more profit by simply getting a job working at Starbucks, but instead their poor all of their time and hard work into making nice horses for you. Also, for the people who aren’t doing this professionally and may be selling a horse, they really love but don’t mesh with. Please realize that the decision to sell a horse is hard enough without the judgment of the internet. Not every horse is meant for every rider and both are better off when they find their true match. Lastly when it comes to breeders selling horses that they’ve raised. Do you know how hard that is???? These are horses they’ve thought about and planned for years prior and they love. Without these breeders, you most likely wouldn’t have a horse. So unless you bred your horse yourself or adopted a wild mustang straight from the BLM holding facility you have a breeder to thank for your horse and most likely a trainer and past owner to thank for your horse as well. Stop shaming people who are selling their horses. As long as they are doing it ethically and with the horse’s best interest in mind, that’s all that matters. Please Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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