Suicide Race With Horses

Videos from the 2017 suicide race in Omak, WA have been posted on Facebook and to be honest they are hard for me to watch. They run full speed down a hill and one horse goes tumbling as well as his rider, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. The horse appeared ok and made it to the water that they swim across, I’m hoping the rider was ok as well.  Article continued below videos.

This is the view of them going through the water, where you can see how the riders are grabbing each other’s reins.

Wikipedia reports, In the previous 25 years at least 23 horses have died, including three in 2004 and one in 2012. One of the captions of the videos said “NO WHIMPS NEED APPLY”  I guess I’m a big wimp!  I wouldn’t do this to my horse for all the money in the world!  I’ll stick to spoiling my horse and having great relaxing rides. Share this on Facebook if you will too!

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  1. Alexandra Robedeaux

    This “suicide” race is horrible. Hopefully HSUS, Peta, Jane Goodall Institute and all those who care about animals are made aware of this and do something about it.


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