Sweet Little Horse Can Outbuck Any Rodeo Bronc – Woman Rides It Like A PRO

Ranchel Bonine was testing out a “Sweet Little Mountain Horse” when the horse started bucking uncontrollably! She lost her stirrups, but hung on tight! Warning: There is some cussing so you might want to plug your ears towards the end.

I’m not sure if she knew what this horse would do before getting but it looks like her leg position and body were ready for the bucks. Regardless, she has an AMAZING seat. Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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  1. Marie Yates Nater

    This looks more like old fashioned *bronc busting* than bringing a horse along with gentler and saner methods of horse training.

    • Lisa K

      I usually lose the spurs when I’m trying a new one or on something that is skittish/unpredictable 🙁
      But, she rode it out, so hopefully it will be easier each time.

      • Rebecca

        I also noticed she had spurs on. That is pretty dumb on a first ride, if you ask me, and with some horses is almost a guaranteed way to make them buck. I’ve seen broke horses object to spurs with bucking.

      • LB

        Rebecca, no one asked you. And judging by your comment no one ever should.

      • Jeff

        Well 1st of all this isn’t bucking…this is just rearing up…not once did this horse kick up with the back legs…. 2nd…there are different kinds of spurs… not once did I see her kick the horse with the spurs…she is riding feet out in front of her heels down like she should…. not once did she spur the horse…. I love reading comments from people who think they know horses and know how to ride…lol..

  2. Shirleybum

    Awesum job on a rank horse thats done THIS before! Spur ON, and too bad you couldn’t free your hands to get some over under action with your reins as well! Nice job, especially in a bosal!

  3. J. Little

    This horse has not been mentally prepared for being ridden. Most of that 0-10 business can be fixed on the ground. Mentally preparing a horse on the ground first can help him deal with this big “no” attitude before you ever swing your leg over. Not saying they won’t ever buck, but she should be able to do a one rein stop to drain that energy start over. That woman is a talented rider but that horse doesn’t give darn that she is saying “whoa.” Please if you are watching this video thinking this is horse training, keep looking.

    • Anonymous

      I agree wholeheartedly with you. This horse was saying ” no, no,no”

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe she should get off and try to find out what caused the horse to buck like that once it stopped instead of staying on, screaming “WHOA” and pulling the reins two meters up. And maybe she wouldn’t have lost her stirrup if they hadn’t been way too long so she would’ve been able to actually support herself by putting her weight into the stirrups instead of holding onto the horn and yanking the reins (course she had to hold onto the horn while bucking, but her whole body is constantly out of the saddle. To me, she looked like she was standing up from the very beginning cause of too long stirrups.)
    I dont know how long this horse has been trained before, but this is how you break it

    • LB

      I generally run my leathers long like that. There is more to blowing stirrups than their length. Good or bad, every minute of a horses life is a moment of training. Seems to me, getting off would reinforce that behavior. After all, that’s what the horse wants. Your comment leads me to believe you have been fortunate with a limited scope when it comes to horses.

    • Anonymous

      Some horses just really hate the cench & they try to buck it off.

      She was speaking very nice to the mare with calm words and called her a good girl until she had a violent temper fit.

      If you let them get away with, “I don’t like it so I’m gonna throw a temper fit”, then you spoil the horse. It’s just like a child throwing peas in your face at the high chair that’s not acceptable behavior and the child my be barked at.

      Harsh voice was the only instrament used for correction. The rains where pulled to get the mares head up. (No bit)

  5. Anonymous

    She cowgirled up! She just called the horse by her last name. She is riding the Hell Bitch!

  6. BETTY


  7. Susan

    What a lousy show of horsemanship. Clearly this horse wasn’t stated gently with solid groundwork.

  8. Maureen Retting

    Ahhh. Hello? Ground work?
    And, are you sure those spurrs are big enough? Poor horse!

  9. Diana Welsh

    So many comments and from people who know it all and probably can not ride at all.
    We have a horse that is awesome and she has been rode by someone one that knows how to ride. But she likes to buck and for no reason. she will go for a long time and then it hold on and hit the ground. So needless to say we just don’t ride her anymore and she is just a pasture horse. I bet all these horse people could fix her . lol yeah I know you know what you are doing and it was all done wrong… lol…

  10. Maddison

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