The Most Valuable Job On The Race Track – A Day In The Life Of A Thoroughbred Outrider

A day in the life of Woodbine’s head outrider Robert Love. Safety For The Jockey and Horse Is What It’s All About.

Before watching this video I honestly never thought about what happened when horses got loose on the track. Now, I am absolutely amazed by the incredible horsemen and women these Outriders are. Share this on Facebook if you agree that Outriders are amazing!

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4 Responses

  1. Kwgrid

    Way kewl!! They must have some great horses if they can catch a riderless thoroughbred tearing down the track. Hats off to them!

    • Hank

      probably use Quarter horses to have that quick break in helping nab them quick.

      • Anonymous

        A lot of the outriders use thoroughbreds as well

  2. Darlene

    What a great rider and love his horses . Both are fast , Age doesn’t slow this guy down . Go Get them Cowboy Hugs


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