This Horse Trainer Is A Hero and Inspiring Others To Do The Same!

Facebook Carly Veldman Parks
Facebook Carly Veldman Parks

I can’t pass up the opportunity to relate a story involving Wade Parks. A little boy from Idaho came to the Youth World with his grandmother(and mother and brother) as his riding coach. They did it completely on their own and came on a no frills budget. This boy(age 11 I think) showed in almost any and every class he could go into from speed to halter to pleasure and everything in between I am told. I was proud to give him a placement ribbon and a couple of finalist ribbons. I learned from independent sources that Wade Parks had taken this kid under his wing and helped prep him for classes and helped him practice through the long, long show. Wade did this gratis and volunteer(while being worm out prepping the horses of his regular client family). He even was on the rail in the stands when the child was showing to coach and encourage! While there is no doubt in my mind that Wade would not tell this himself, I want to give a shout out to Wade Parks as being the epitome and perfect representation of what we all should be in the Paint industry when it comes to extending a helping hand and reaching out to others!!!! Someone just like Wade treated Banks (my son) this same way 16 years ago. People like this are the reason we and many others came to Paints. Thank you Wade Parks!!!!! You are a hero to this little boy and to many others for the example you set for us all to aspire to!!!  Written By, George Ready – The horse show in reference is the American Paint Horse Association Youth World Championship Show

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