This Is Why Horses Are So Easy To Love

This horse may just be the best babysitter ever! What a sweetheart he is, carefully letting the toddler play with him. It’s easy to see why horses are so easy to love from this video 🙂

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4 Responses

  1. denise blount

    This is so cute, what a sweet horse and an adorable little one! It really bothers me that she was barefoot though, if the horse accidentally stepped on her foot, it would be awful!

    • Marta

      I completely agree! It would have been more enjoyable to watch, too. Way to dangerous and actually gross that she was barefoot!

  2. pat

    Omg… put some boots on that girl….. and change her diaper…. my little ones are raised with horses and they do it clothed for safety reasons…. ignorance I guess, this is how kids get hurt

    • Anonymous

      the horse’s ears concerned me several times also… flattened back…. sure sign that a bite may follow… an older horse sometimes takes parenting of a toddler pretty seriously and will try to correct what they feel is intimidating behavior


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