5 Reasons To Switch Horse Trainers

The Sports Horse Trots. thoroughbredHorse trainers are amazing and deserve so much more credit than they get. I know we all think we’re paying so much for our horses, but most of that doesn’t go to the trainer. Trainers work so hard for so little and it’s all because they LOVE horses. As much as we love trainers, sometimes things just aren’t working out. Here are 5 reasons to consider finding a new trainer.

1) You complain about them constantly. Try talking to your trainer directly instead of complaining about them. Express your concerns and what is bothering you. If you can’t find a way to make it work together it’s time to move on.

2) Your horse is regressing instead of progressing. If you have recently started taking lessons on your horse more or riding them more on your own, this may not be something you can blame your trainer for. If your horse is getting worse instead of better and nothing has changed, it might be time to adjust their current program or switch to a different one all together. Just be sure to have your horse evaluated by a veterinarian before making any big decisions to rule out any pain or soundness issues.

3) Your trainer is constantly complaining about you. Lets face it, the complaining goes both ways. Clients complain and so do trainers. If you hear that your trainer has been complaining about you try talking to them. Sometimes relationships run their course and if this is the case it might be time to move on.

4) You’ve advanced past your trainers skill set. If you’re winning every class at the horse shows and are ready to take your riding to the next level that’s great. Sometimes your trainer can get you there and sometimes it’s outside their skill set. If you’re a good client, I’m sure your trainer would like to keep you as one forever. At the same time, a good trainer will want you to be happy and progressing in a program that’s right for you. Talk to your current trainer, they may have a great recommendation for who your next trainer should be!

5) Your trainer doesn’t get along with your horse. Sometimes we get along with our trainer, but our trainer doesn’t get along with our horse. If this is the case you need to either switch trainers or switch horses. Unfortunately, you can’t force your trainer and horse to be compatible with each other and it’s much more enjoyable when your horse and your horse trainer get along!

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