This Is Why You Shouldn’t Feed Horses You Don’t Know

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This 8 year old girl was feeding some horses along the side of the road and she had her hands “flat” like she had been told. Despite this effort to stay “safe” the horse bit her thumb and she had to spend time in the ER. There is such a misconception about feeding treats to horses. Non horse people think that as long as they hold their hands flat that every horse will appreciate the little specks of grass they are feeding so much, that they should be eternally grateful. Horses are not awful beasts just looking for a finger to snatch up, but the reality is that many horses do bite…sometimes not on purpose!

A finger feels like a carrot too and even though people try to feed horses “properly”, unless you are a horse person or with a horse person who’s teaching you…you shouldn’t be feeding horses period! Even horse people should not feed horses they don’t know, it’s disrespectful and that horse could bite, be allergic to whatever you’re feeding, have blood sugar issues…the list goes on and on. I feel bad for this little girl, but there is a lesson to be learned here….Don’t feed horses you don’t know!

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4 Responses

  1. Marie Yates Nater

    I don’t allow anyone to hand feed my horses, if they have a treat for them they have to put it in their food tub. None of my horses are at all mouthy because of this policy.

  2. Kaytlyn

    No one should be feeding someone else’s horses without permission and this would not happen. No one handles my horses or my clients horses other than me or the barn staff for this exact reason


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