Tiny Girl And Her Cutting Horse Show Us All How It’s Done!

When it comes to horses, this pair is showing everyone that size doesn’t matter!  This little girl and her cutting horse are showing everyone how it’s done!

They may be little, but they are definitely mighty!  Share this on Facebook if you agree!

6 Responses

  1. Tina

    No helmet and wearing SPURS, while someone yells “kick him”?!?! Not “cute” and not good horsemanship

  2. Twila

    Yep..”kick that sucker”. Really guys? Not cute in my book. No helmet and spurs on a child that has no clue how to use them.

  3. petra vercauteren

    the horse is doing the work ,the kid is not stable in the zadel,and has no idea what to do,
    this is no horsemanship ,in my opinion,a child is beter waiting with riding as long as the can for the back,musles and mind of the child,the have a 15 min attention span especially when the are tis young


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