Watch What Horses Look Inside Out While Show Jumping

This is a great video that really shows the anatomy of the horse from the inside out. You can see how everything moves and works together while they’re performing. It really is incredible. If you like this video or found it helpful, Share it with your friends on Facebook!

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3 Responses

  1. Oskrba živali Hera Kreft

    This is not an accurate picture of what is really happening, and so many injuries come from bad riders, forcing horses,and bad care of the horses that should be in the pastures, so they could evolve properly. Second most important thing would be for the riders and caretakers to listen to the horses and the problem solver would be to ban the competitions because they never bring neither quality nor knowledge or understanding towards animals.

  2. Janis

    This is a nice teaser to get people interested in the whole horse and to appreciate how they are wonderfully made. Thank you for going to the trouble of learning about this and for giving us a glimpse. I hope that some who have the resources will learn and apply the knowledge available.


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