USC’s Mascot Horse DOES NOT Stand For White Supremacy

Last week a USC rally, protesters said that the Trojans’ mascot horse, Traveller is a racist symbol because it shares the same name as Robert E. Lee’s horse. Not exactly the same name, the USC mascot is named Traveler, while Lee’s favorite horse went by the name Traveller. Saphia Jackson, the co-director of the USC Black Student Assembly opened the rally pleading for students to speak out against the forces of white supremacy on campus, and pointed the finger at Traveler.  Watch a video of beautiful Traveler below.

“I push the administration, faculty and staff to have serious engagements and not dismiss our issues because we are here for serious change,” Jackson said, according to the Daily Trojan.

Source,  This is just ridiculous. I think Traveler is a great name for a horse and this horse happens to be absolutely GORGEOUS! Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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  1. Loretta Kemsley

    He isn’t the only or even the first horse to be named Traveler. Among the AQHA foundation sires is a sorrel with the same name. He died in 1912 after an illustrious career as a match racer in the 1880s.

    The first equine to become the USC mascot was a pony named Black Beauty. She was owned by my father, John Kemsley. His pony track was at the Selig Zoo which was founded for movie filming and later opened to the public. Beauty appeared in The Wedding March, starring Fay Wray and Erich von Stroheim (1928).

    Also in the film was the USC Marching Band. Beauty pulled their drum wagon. She panicked the first time they banged that huge drum, knocking down a couple of band members in the process. Despite that mishap, the band loved her. That was the beginning of her career traveling with them which lasted nearly a decade. The Wedding March can be viewed on Youtube. The band and Beauty appear in the parade scene.


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