Veterinarians Defend Houston SPCA – Allegations Of Euthanizing Hurricane Harvey Horses & Animals

Reports that the Houston SPCA has been euthanizing dogs and horses at the Ford Rescue Center have been flooding Facebook.  Moore Equine Dental Services has uploaded a video saying all of these accusations are false. That the veterinarians and SPCA are working together to help these animals. Watch the video below.

There have been many accusations on Facebook of the Houston SPCA euthanizing horses and other animals. Kellie Chewning originally wrote, “I’ve been in a meeting for the last two hours. This is what the ASPCA is doing to the horses our rescuers spend hours getting out of the the floods! Make this go viral y’all. It’s not just the horses either. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT SEND ANOTHER ANIMAL TO FORD CENTER! We had vets and donations sent to the Ford Center, the SPCA went in with armed guards, locked all the vets out with their personal stuff still inside, all the donations and started euthanization.”  She has since changed her post to apologize for her “catastrophic mistake”.

I think it’s important that we continue to support the veterinarians and people caring for these animals.  I am praying for these animals and for the people who are helping them.  Please SHARE this and help it go viral so people continue to donate towards these animals care!

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    • Anonymous

      actually, almost all will survive with care. Veterinarians are donating time and money to do that and owners should be the ones to make that decision, not PETA or the Humane Society. The protocols have been established to manage the care of affected animals. PETA is all about killing and not saving as is the Humane Society. Their goals are to keep the donation (profit) wheels turning round and round. Any horse who has been in a stressful situation will lose some weight, but should be given the opportunity to recover. What crime did the dogs commit that they should be put down? After all these critters have been through and the numbers of people willing to help them survive and return to their owners, this is a breach of trust and ethics. I will never support or donate to either organization because basically they support cruelty in the name of humanity.

  1. Jenn

    Unfortunately this is true, animals are being lined up for slaughter. I have friends with letigimate rescues who were kicked out of ford center. All pitbulls and pitbull types were separated and started euthanasia even those with microchips, collars, and owners who dropped off to be safe. Ford center is now a death sentance

  2. RonDMcD

    In the video, they only address the horses that they have around them. They say nothing about the other animals (which is what most of the reports have been on) and they don’t comment on horses that were there before they got there.

  3. Anonymous

    They are monsters. Beware of PETA ASPCA AND HUMANE SOCIETY. if yhey euthanize any animals that were microchipped they should be run out of town and sued to their money grubbing core. The organization and the ppl in charge locally and on the scene.

  4. Angela

    I would not solely blame the Societies and Shelters. I watch Houston ASPCA on Animal Cops. Isee the scope of irresponsible, careless, heartless animal ownership on the part of the humans who own them. I won’t even comment on the horses needing to be rescued from swiftwaters. The horse named Brandy takes the cake. Third-worlders should not be animal owners until they themselves have become civilized humans.


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