Video – Improving Your Showmanship Score – What do you think?




I found this video today on improving your showmanship score.  I would love to know what everyone thinks about it.  Do you agree with everything she says?  Is there something you’d like to ad or something you disagree with?  Let me know!

Another video of the judge evaluating a pattern:

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4 Responses

  1. equigal

    All in all, I thought that the trainers talk on SMS was excellant…especially for the younger kids just gettting into it..and perhaps a reminder of whats important for us older exhibitors….The only thing that I would have liked, was more comments on the quartering…the young fellows steps appeared a little “muddy/”…not sure if theat the correct term..I like to see 3 definate steps and snapping them off, with confidence…


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