Watch Full Size Adults Racing A Miniature Horse and Donkey

These full size adults are racing their miniature horse and donkey and having a blast. We’re interested to know your thoughts on this…..

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    • Horselover

      Shame on them. Mini’s ARE not for riding, certainly not by adults. Animal Welfare should take these mini’s from these idiots….

  1. Tammy

    That is cruel. They are way to heavy to be on the backs.. Hello there is a weight ratio to the weight of the horse/ pony… Idiots

  2. washington gal

    some people just have no brain matter, too heavy! pass it on now the world gets to see !

  3. Star

    I hope one day Karma come back in the form of a big horse and it kicks these two brainless morons in the head and eithere knocks their heads off or knocks some brains in. They don’t deserve animals. I could say a lot more but these two don’t deserve people thoughts or time. I just hope some One rescues that poor donkey and horse

  4. Toni

    Horrible, I’m astounded! What is wrong with people?? Why are they so cruel?? Obvious both people especially the heavy girl are way to big for that poor poor mini. She broke down his legs, what a complete and total idiot!! Can’t they be arrested??

  5. Anonymous

    She looks a bit big to be on the shetland. I think the other lady had the strongest mount. Donkeys are built to carry HEAVY loads. It was in good fun.

  6. Connie

    Poor little horses! They are obviously protesting because they are in pain! What complete idiots!

  7. Mark

    That’s cruel. You can see the poor animals don’t want to do it! They should be banned from keeping animals! Terrible!

  8. Dreamwheels

    All three are stupid bitches even the one taking the video,SHAME on them and on the person who commented looks like good fun,i would like to ride their mothers….

  9. sam

    Horrible. What jerks. Horses are only supposed to carry 20% of their body weight max including tack. The fatter chick on the mini could easily weigh 100 percent of that mini. The chick on the donkey also wayyyy over the limit. Disgusting. Horses average weight is 1000 lbs. That means anyone over 180 with a saddle or over 200 bareback is TOO HEAVY for a standard horse. They need a draft cross, draft, or different hobby.

    • sam

      Mini horses should only carry 40-60 pounds. Sad for these animals, this kind of abuse can cripple them.


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