Watch How This Horse Thanked The Farrier For His New Shoes!

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Jack, the Appaloosa just can’t get enough of his favorite Farrier Al. He gave him lots of horse kisses the whole time! Jack is owned and loved by He was born with a condition called Wry Mouth.

“At first our research and the vet’s opinion was to put Jack down since he would not be able to feed himself and he looked disfigured. Further research led us to the University of Florida and an answer to Jacks dilemma. After speaking with the vet there and sending pictures, we found an expert in this field who has performed many successful operations of this type.

Over the part five years Jack has become an inspiration to our handicap students. The parents of these children have told us how seeing Jack go from a disabled horse to now being whole inspires their children.”

What an inspiring story and an amazing program! Share this on Facebook if you think Jack is sweet as can be!

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