Ex-Racehorse Still Loves Lining Up In The Starting Gate

For everyone who thinks racing horses is torturous, please explain why this permanent resident at Remember Me Rescue chooses to stand in an old set of starting gates during his turn out.  Pictures below!

Donna Keen Facebook

Source, Donna Keen Facebook.  This handsome fellow looks quite comfortable in those starting gates!  Share this on Facebook if you agree!

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3 Responses

  1. Nicole

    I dont think its the act of racing that is cruel . It is everything that goes along with it. Keeping young horses confined to stalls unless they are run, starting young and crippling them, and then when they don’t win money, disposing of them without a concern

  2. Linda Umphress

    That isn’t the cruel aspect of horse racing. The cruelty lies in the treatment of these great and sensitive creatures being treated as mere commodities. Look up “Nurse-Mare Foals”. Racing two-year old foals who aren’t’ even fully physically matured – Look up Santa Anita. If you truly LOVE horses, you wouldn’t condone the Horse Racing Industry (INDUSTRY not a “Sport”).

  3. Sarah

    He does not love lining up in the stalls. He does so because he was made too in the past, probably adversively. He will continue to do it to avoid the perceived negative reinforcement.


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