Watch How To Handle Refusals In Show Jumping

This rider is a class act. This is a great example of how to handle a tough ride at a show by British Event Rider Alex Nadin. Here’s what she had to say:

“Worse show ever! First ever show jump refusals in a competition during nearly five years of owning Pigeon. Definitely time to trust my gut and get a few MOTs done starting with a saddle check! It is so unlike Pigeon to stop (especially in the show jumping) and that is usually an indication that she is not comfortable!”

Hats off to this rider for knowing their horse and doing what is best for him! Share this on Facebook with your friends if you think this rider is a class act!

4 Responses

  1. Ruth

    so refreshing an encouraging to see a rider that understands its a 2 way thing! asking not demanding the impossible, and understanding, theres a difference between a cheeky mr/mrs chance their luck, and understanding there might be a valid and important reason they dont want to do something, love the riders kind hands, would be nice if there were more like this, instead of the kick n whip and expect to jump from standstill, machines they are not! huge kudos to the rider!!!! x

    • Kimberly

      beautifully handled. Gorgeous rider who respects and understands her partner. We all have off days. 🙂

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