Watch Rare Video Of The Legendary Poco Bueno!!

Poco Bueno – Quarter Horse stallion (1944-1969). Here is a rare video of this legendary stallion who left a huge mark on Quarter Horse history! How many of you have descendants of this stallion? If you like this video, please share it on Facebook!

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  1. Anonymous

    My first horse was a double bred Grandaughter of Poco Bueno I purchased in 1990. Pocas Papa Gal. Poco Papacita x daughter of Poco Enterprise. All my horses have her blood lines in them. Those great traits are expressed at every new generation.

  2. Livina

    My horse is a descedant of Poco Bueno! She’s just a amazing horse. Very proud of it.

  3. d

    Owned a gorgeous bay gelding out of an own daughter of Poco Buenos years back. Loved that guy. Lost him to navicular after treating him many years. Good guy taught both my daughters to ride.

  4. Anonymous

    We had a red roan granddaughter. Her sire was Poca Lina; Poca Bueno’s of spring. She is so lovely. We donated her to a rescue that teaches about horses and their care.

  5. Sandy

    I owned a grandson of Poco Bueno out of a Blondy’s Dude mare. Great minded horse with lots of cow in him and a ton of fun! He Taught my two kids how to ride as well. Best horse ever!


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