Watch Shining Spark’s 1st Ride in 11 Years!

I absolutely love Shining Spark! Watch this video till the end to see Shining Spark ride and slide for the first time in 11 years! If you like this video, share it with your friends on Facebook!

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  1. Cindy Arnold

    What an awsome stallion. I sure wish I could take a trail ride just walking on that guy or have a baby out of him for my 14 year old to use in 4H. Finding her the right horse…has been the biggest challenge horsewise of my life.

    • Diana Beall

      What an amazing horse. I probably will watch this video again, and maybe again. I love watching such talent from one of the most graceous and beautiful creatures on earth. It’s obvious the owners truly love Shining Sparks and use natural techniques in training.

    • JS

      I have a grandson of his and I love him to death. A lot of fun to ride and is a great cow horse.

  2. Rebekah Nelson

    What an incredible horse and absolutely stunningly beautiful! I wonder why they stopped riding him at age 10 though (since they said at 21 he hadn’t been ridden in 11 years)?


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