Watch Show Jumping At Its Worst!

This horse deserves a medal of honor for being so good to his rider. I think the rider could use some horsemanship lessons. What do you think? If you think this horse deserves a better rider, Share this on Facebook!

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    • Sally

      That pony must have cost a fortune – what an amazing creature – the ‘rider’ on the other hand should never ride again- the damage he’s already done to the poor animals spine, mouth and spirit is immeasurable- GET OFF AND NEVER ATTEMPT TO JUMP OR RIDE AGAIN- in fact stay away from animals altogether it’s clear you have no idea at all

    • Horselover

      Why wasn’t he stopped….what an horrible excuse for a rider and horsemanship. Then when the horse finally refuses the jump, he gets in his mouth like it was the horses fault. WHAT A JERK … I sure hope someone (official) took him aside and told him what for. To begin with, his horse was too small for him and far too small to be attempting the height of those jumps. Poor gallant horse !!!!!!!

    • Marianne

      I feel so sorry for this gladiator of a horse. Rider is so abusive!! Heavy heavy hands and should not be allowed to show any horse anywhere!!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    Love the horse, and frankly hate the rider. My heart hopes the horse gets a better owner/rider……

  2. Damama

    This was a special situation. The rider is a polo player, he does not know how to jump. The reason why he is jumping this amazing horse is because it was a one time thing to basically see what would happen. Stupid people doing stupid things for a laugh at an amazing animals expense.

    • April Blaker

      NO way this guy was a polo player……… or at least a *GOOD* one…. he might play polo, but there’s NO way a good polo player would EVER come out of the saddle like that EVER, Those guys stay on when the horses are sideways and they lean out at a full gallop. There’ve been competitions where polos and jumpers have switched places for a day – and the polos always jump better than the jumpers play polo. Jumpers do one large thing well and many small steady things well, polo has to do anything and everything all at the same time and try to score a goal while someone is trying to collide with you (safely) and block you from the ball. I just can’t believe this guy would ride this bad and play polo – he knows what a half seat is (like a jumping two-point)… or he should know anyway…

  3. Val Cormier

    Why should this beautiful horse suffer from this alledged horse person ??

  4. val cormier

    Why allow this wonderful horse be subjected to such abuse from an alledged horse person ??

  5. pam

    What a saint the horse is would love to have another one like that, that can jump that height!!!:-)

  6. sue

    I feel so sorry for this poor horse. The pain, bruising and worse that it must have endured whilst trying it’s socks off to obviously please, is abhorrent. As for “the rider?”…well he is lucky to have survived and I totally agree should never be allowed near a horse again, doing stupid motorbike stunts like this without a damn care for the pony. And yes, don’t know what judges were thinking about not disqualifying him. They were obviously as stupid as he was. I hope pony recovered and was given a lot of rest and tlc. Animal cruelty should have been involved.

  7. Sue

    I really think this guy is trying to get his own air by using the stirrups to jump as the horse jumps to see how much air he can get and stay on. The ease by which he stays on and gets his stirrups back makes me think he’s a good rider that is doing a horrible mean stunt to the horse on purpose….

    • Nancy

      Definitely agree with you Sue! Rider would never have made it through the course.if he was a poor rider. On the other hand, crappy way to treat the horse!!!

  8. Debbie

    I think you are right Sue. I’ve watched this before and just couldn’t make sense of it all. Now, after watching from that perspective, I get it…….very unpleasent for the horse for sure

  9. BJ

    I’ve never tried show jumping, but I have jumped before and even at my worst, I was never that bad, this man obviously has never had any training in jumping, That horse it amazing to put up with that idiot for the duration, he deserves a medal and a competent rider.

  10. Andrea

    That was the best display of an asinine person I’ve ever seen! Cheers for the horse that put up with that, and I hope he never sees that guy again, and that the guy never gets near another horse!

  11. Shelley

    Balls of steel is what he had, every time he landed. The horse should be taken of him and HE who ever HE is should be banned from owning a horse let alone riding one. He should have been stopped by officials after the firs jump but left to ride and whip the horse and continue that is Bull S—. The horse is a little ripper still jumping after all that WTF he should have been whipped bloody idiot.

    • Shelley

      Polo player Ha my Ass if this is how he treats horses he should be bared from playing Polo as well. Should never have been allowed. Poor bloody horse.

  12. Mia

    We can’t call this asinine jumper an equestrian, can we? Just like we can’t call someone a veterinarian (even if they have the degree) if they hurt animals!
    That HORSE is a GEM!
    I hope the guy who rode him got his balls bruised!

  13. Keri

    Judge not, lest ye be judged.

    All I have to say is that I would bet that not single person who has left a derrogatory remark about this video knows the history of the horse or rider. Shame on every single one of you for your ridiculous comments and criticism, and shame on this ridiculous website in allowing such trash talk to perpetuate.

    This may not be a superlative example of show jumping done well, but before you freely and publicly criticize someone else, put yourselves in their shoes.

    Kudos to the rider for getting around. The pony is a Saint for going around. Maybe next time they will do better.

    • Tia

      In general you are right one shouldn’t judge before knowing all the fact… except say when you see someone kicking a baby, or abusing a dog, organizing dog fights, or cock fights or in this case being a complete idiot rider for the purpose of entertainment. Money was made while this horse back was injured.

  14. Pony lover

    Well guys, let’s look at this for what it is. He is a smooth and skillful rider on the flat-that’s obvious. Good balance, smooth lead changes good position. For whatever the reason he is CHOOSING to take the jumps and deliberately flopping all over the horse. That is very apparent. Maybe to show the horse’s manners and skills afterward to sell to a novice? We all know this poor of a rider would never make it to a stadium. Please….

  15. Melissa

    From what i see, most of the time the rider actually doesn’t land heavily in the saddle. Yes, he gets a lot of air but, apart from a few times, he mostly lands on his legs before he sits down, he doesn’t just plonk onto the horses back

  16. Jennifer

    Not sure why he did that to the poor horse – he could have done some serious damage to its back..

    Notice how effortlessly his feet find those stirrups.. Something isn’t right with this video.. An amateur would have been on the ground after the first jump.. I think he did it on purpose.

  17. Vladimir

    That’s a really good horse. Imagine what it could have done with a decent rider. If it hadn’t refused he would have had a clear round. And no matter what a lousy rider he is, you have to admit he has balls…Even though they’re flat.

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