Watch The Most Beautiful Horse In The World – Friesian Stallion

The Magnificent Frederik the Great, Friesian Stallion in one of the most breathtaking videos. I love my Quarter Horse and think she’s about as pretty as it gets, but I have to admit this stallion is Jaw dropping! If you think this horse is stunning, Share this video on Facebook with your friends and brighten their day too!

8 Responses

  1. Maria

    The horse is beautiful but the moments with a rider are very sad. Just look at the expression on the horse’s face. Why they just don’t let a horse be and enjoy his beeing and beauty when he is free?

  2. GeaDonna Moore

    I Slay! Even when I am not trying. Just let him run. Such a beautiful animal.

    What is the name of the score you chose for this. The music is beautiful! Please respond with the name of it if you don’t mind.


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