Watch This Mustang With 3 Months Under Saddle Compete In Eventing!

This video of Elisa Wallace and a mustang named Hwin show how talented Mustangs really are. Elisa is going to compete with Hwin in Extreme Mustang Makeover and hoping to be able to purchase the mare after the competition.  Here is her story:

The journey of Hwin began when I was invited to compete in the Mustang Magic Makeover. A competition in which, trainers have 120 day to train a randomly selected wild mustang,  and in this case mares.  The competition will be held in Fort Worth Texas January 22-24( After the competition all mustangs are available for adoption through the auction process.

Hwin is a 5yo, 14.3 hd Mustang mare, who was captured as a yearling in 2010 from the Adobe Town Herd Management Area (HMA) in Wyoming.  She sat in the short term holding pens for 4years.  Those holding pens currently hold 50,000 mustangs! More Mustangs are in captivitiy than in the wild!

I named Hwin after a character in the book, ” A Horse and his Boy,” a talking mare.   And she seems to the the real life character.  From day one Hwin has been such a sweet thing. From the very begining she has always shown a knack for jumping. Some horses like it some don’t.  Hwin really seems to enjoy it.  She is a little spitfire and I really think she has talent to compete in Three Day Eventing. You can learn more about what I do at

My main goal working with mustangs is to be an ambassador, promote the adoption of Mustangs, and help educate people on the Mustang’s plight.  Any money raised helps me with costs attributing to the competition,  feed,farrier,vet,board, gas, etc.  My hope is that I will be able to win Hwin:) at the auction and hopefully find a sponsor for her,  so I can continue in pursuing her  Eventing career and see how far she goes! Check her out!

If you’d like to help her raise the money to adopt this great mare you can go to her Go Fund Me Page. To show your support of American Mustangs and great trainers like Elisa, Share this video on Facebook!

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