Horse Trainer Memoirs – Living The Dream And Making Others Dreams Come True

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Horse trainers live their dream, their dream also being to help people conquer their dreams. Dream of riding a horse, dreams of being a World Champion..we live your dream.

With that comes early mornings, late nights, a little blood a little sweat sometimes tears, smiles and a few WTF “why can’t I get it”.

We seldom eat we seldom sleep, we love what we do. Although most have had moments of saying silently (sometimes loudly) what the heck was I thinking back then when I said “I want to be a horse trainer”! Oh ya because I love horses, the smell their breath, their soul, their trust, the feeling they give us when we look into their eyes. The feeling we get when we see one born and grow into that dream we had when we met.

With this comes many falling stars, big dreams, big heartache, much sorrow , and again comes that moment “what was I thinking”?

Oh ya the love of horses. We move on from sorrow, sweat, tears and we look to another dream, high hopes, seeing a smile on a clients face when they realize that moment OMG I did it! Yup that’s what it’s all about.

We don’t get paid by the hour don’t have benefits, but we love horses. We deal with all personalities some don’t gel well and some are like a slipper-the loyalty is rare, but comes through the special people that have “that dream”. We share your tears, we share your wins and your accomplishments with pride, the pride that cannot be put into words. We give our all even when we are disappointed in ourselves and sometimes just want to hide we are there to build your confidence “you got this”.

So for those that think horse training is easy, it’s one of the hardest Jobs one could want to do, BUT when you love horses like I do you will ride till the day you die. I thank you God for allowing me to follow my dreams and help others do the same. May we all be thankful for our life our four legged loyal friends and the people who help make it possible along the way. This is one hell of a journey, enjoy the ride.

Written By June Tabor. Share this on Facebook if you have an amazing horse trainer…or if you are one!

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