You Won’t Believe What These Wild Horses Are Doing Now…

Madison Shambaugh, aka “Mustang Maddy,” is dedicated to raising awareness for the plight of America’s wild horses, with her 4 mustang geldings and a zebra named “Zena.” “Terk,” the gelding being ridden tackless in the video was just 1.5 years from “wild” when they were filming.

“The message that the mustang has for the general public is clear— that there is a potential for greatness inside of each and every one of us, no matter what your present circumstances are. It’s hard to see potential inside of any of these horses when you go to the holding pens and their manes in knots. There not all beautiful by society’s standards… But inside of each and every one of them is the potential to be an absolutely amazing partner. And that’s what I’m hoping to prove to people. We all have a greatness inside of us and the mustang demonstrates this. For every person who has been told they can’t the mustang tells them they can.” -Mustang Maddy

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