57-Year-Old Horse Celebrates His Birthday In Style!

Chief is a registered Quarter Horse gelding who was born, January 19, 1960!!!  He turned 57-years-old this year and celebrated his birthday in style.  From Civil War re-enactments to team penning to reining, Chief has done just about everything!  Chief may be famously grumpy, but his claim to fame is that in all his 57 years – no one has ever fallen off of him!

Source: Seminole Feed Facebook


Chief’s owner, Diedre Wilkin, says he’s the kindest horse she’s ever known. He’s even been known to perform acrobatics to keep himself between a beginner rider and the ground.

Source: Seminole Feed Facebook Page (he’s been eating their feed for the past 20 years!).

We wish Chief a very Happy Birthday (belated).  Share this on Facebook if you do too!

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  1. Joanne Schell

    We had a Chief Red Cloud, appalosa pony 56 1/2 inches that lived to 34, purchased for $250, who was a 4_H project for a half dozen different kids, he won many national and state championships and was loved and cherished his entire life. When he was 15 years old we were offered $10,000.00 for him. He was an amazing part of our lives his whole life.

  2. Gina Tiernan

    The civil war? Really? I was also born in 1960, and as far as I can recall, the civil war happened quite a few years BEFORE 1960. Methinks someone is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. The Civil War, in case you idiots need a history lesson was in 1861-1865! If the horse is THAT old, well now, that’d be something.

  3. GreyPon3

    You might want to actually read the article. It said Civil War REENACTMENTS.


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