Travelin Soldier Wins Congress Freestyle Reining With Only One Leg – USA ROCKS!

Frederick Win and “Stop Sparkle N Spin” won the Non Pro Freestyle Reining Class at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. Frederick is a Para-Reining Competitor who competed in the Non Pro Freestyle Reining last night. The song “Travelin Soldier” played as Frederick entered the arena dressed as an American Soldier and honored our Veterans.

Frederick was born without a full right leg and this tribute to our American Heroes was nothing short of BEAUTIFUL!  We’re so happy he decided to do it, because his performance was the best of the night! Share this on Facebook if you support our American Soldiers!

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  1. Briana

    I am a fellow para-reiner, and I have to say, that I hate the way that Para is being portrayed in this video… I am receiving messages from others as well- REAL veterans and others, completely outraged that this is how they are being portrayed as para riders. As someone who competes with a major disability- what do I want? I want to be seen as an equal in the industry- I want to fit in… I work HARD to achieve that. Para means PARALLEL to able-bodied competition. Falling down shows weakness and makes what we do look like a pathetic reach for sympathy… This example doesn’t raise awareness- it frightens people into believing people with disabilities we are weak- something to keep at arms length. True awareness comes when people do not “see” our disabilities when we are on the backs of these amazing horses. The more that people become unaware of our disabilities, the closer we have come to achieving ACTUAL awareness.

  2. Kelly

    I do feel a little deceived that he wasn’t actually an American Veteran, the ride lost some honor in that aspect. The fall did look rehearsed as well. But the ride was fantastic he gave is everything he had and didn’t hold back! I was and still impressed by the strength of this rider, whether or not he had a disability didn’t matter the ride was awesome!

    • Anonymous

      I agree completely that it was misleading saying he was a soldier but loved the video anyway.


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